Dependable Highway Express (shipping) is Anything But Dependable

I'm writing this up to document all the disturbing facts that I experienced while dealing with DHE. I didn't choose DHE, but Cali Bamboo, the company I purchased flooring material from did.

Following are the two invoices I received via email:

Your order no. SO337313 will be shipped in 24-48 hours.

If you have any questions regarding this shipment please e-mail us at or call 1-888-788-2254 ext. 3.

Order Summary:

Item Qty Description Rate Amount
71.03.FOSJAV.THRESH 2 Fossilized Java Threshold 33.99 67.98
71.03.FOSNAT.THRESH 1 Fossilized Natural Threshold 33.99 33.99
Sub Total: 101.97
Shipping & Handling: 25.81
Order Total: 136.19

Tracking Number(s):


Your order no. SO337312 will be shipped in 24-48 hours.

If you have any questions regarding this shipment please e-mail us at or call 1-888-788-2254 ext. 3.

Order Summary:

Item Qty Description Rate Amount
70.03.WIDEFJAVA.56.B 20 Fossilized Wide Plank Java Bamboo Flooring covers 27.01 sqft 10 pcs. 5_3/8in wide 121.28 2425.60
70.03.WIDEFNAT.56.B 15 Fossilized Wide Plank Natural Bamboo Flooring covers 27.01 sqft 10 pcs. 5_3/8in wide 121.28 1819.20
Sub Total: 4244.80
Shipping & Handling: 403.35
Order Total: 4630.75

Tracking Number(s):


So, I paid $429.16 for shipping of all my material on the same tracking number.  The material was to be shipped from San Diego to San Francisco Bay Area, not a very long distance. But it all went to hell, for me anyway, when the shipment arrived in the Bay Area. Following is the timeline of the events that happened:

Wednesday, Nov 28 afternoon, I received a call from Gina at DHE San Leandro Patch that my shipment would be delivered on Thursday. I asked if they could do Friday, the answer is "No, we only go out to La Honda on Thursday." (The driver later tells me that this was a lie.) So, I had to arrange a day off at work with very little notice.

Thursday, Nov 29, morning. I already took the day off work. In the morning, I received another call from Gina informing me they canceled the delivery because they just realized that they couldn't send a big truck to La Honda and would need to find a bobtrail truck, which were all gone for the day by then. They would deliver on Friday. So, I took the day off for nothing!

Thursday, Nov 29, afternoon, Gina requested me to find labors to help unload the material; otherwise, they would not make the delivery because they would only send one driver in the truck. I obliged and put together a team of three helpers. DHE gave me a delivery window 1-3pm on Friday.

Thursday, Nov 29, afternoon, I called Gina and explained that they needed to send their smallest bobtail to La Honda due to the hill side windy road conditions as well as the low hanging wires close to the house. I was assured that they would send a small bobtail.

Friday, Nov 30, all day, because I needed to keep the helpers on standby informed of the schedule, I needed the updates on when the delivery would be. Was promised live updates, but got none and I had to initiate the calls to DHE multiple times to get updates.

Friday, Nov 30, 4pm. I learned from Gina that the truck with my material left its 2nd delivery in Moffett Field at 3:52pm. Moffett Field is one hour away from La Honda on a good day.

Friday, Nov 30, 5pm. Had been on the call with the truck driver, who was lost in the hills in the dark. My husband drove out to meet and guide the truck.

Friday, Nov 30, 5:20pm.  The truck arrived. It was a semi. It was not a bobtail. It was too big to drive to the house and had to be parked down the road. We had to carry the material from the truck to the house int he pouring rain (it had been raining all day). By then, two of the three helpers had to move on to their next engagement for the night because the delivery was 2+ hours behind the projected window, and they waited around for nothing.

Only 20 boxes of the flooring are in the truck. Where are the other 15 boxes (in order #SO337312 )? And what about the threshold pieces (in order #SO337313)?

Friday, Nov 30 evening, 7:20pm. Called DHE after unloading in the rain to inquire about the missing part of the order. Talked to dispather Vill. Was told to call back to the office at 3am on Monday when the dispatcher supervisor, Marlon, gets on the shift.

Monday, Dec 3, 3am. Got up in the middle of the night. Called the office number and nobody was picking up the phone. Even the automated greeting was disabled. I was only getting ring tones.

Monday, Dec 3, 4:07. I've typed up this post while having made multiple attempts to call the office and still nobody was there to pick up the phone. Why did Vill tell me to call the office at 3am if no one is taking phone calls?

As of  Monday, Dec 3, 4:07, following information is shown on DHE tracking page, even though the delivery is not complete.

Shipment Tracking Detail for 990550361

Consignee Information Shipper Information
<Address> 2555 E OLYMPIC BLVD
LA HONDA , CA 94020 LOS ANGELES , CA 90023
Freight Information
Pick-Up Request Date: Delivery Request Date:
Total Pieces: 2 Shippers No: SO337312
Total Weight: 3305 PO #: NA
Total Miles: 0 BOL #: 3301322
Status Information
Status: Delivered Delivery Appointment: 11/30/12 16:00
Pickup Appointment: Delivery Date & Time: 11/30/12 17:40
Pickup Date & Time: 11/27/12 : Signed By: Eric
ETA: Vehicle Location:

Monday Dec 3, 9am. I have been calling the company number (DHE San Leandro Patch) every half an hour since 3am, and could not get through because it just keeps ringing and will not go into the automated system. So, I called Friday's truck driver on his cell phone (we had it because we needed to guide him to La Honda on Friday0 and received a different number. This time, I managed to talk to Marlon and explained the situation. I told him today is the 3rd day I'm taking off from work in order to receive the delivery. I really need it today. He said ok, and asked me to call him back in one hour to get a close time estimate.

Monday Dec 3, 9:30am. John from Cali Bamboo (x307) called after receiving my email sent on Friday night reporting the situation. He asked for Marlon's phone numbers from me.

Monday Dec 3, 10:30am. Called Marlon and was told that delivery would be between 1 and 3pm.

Monday Dec 3, 11:00am. John from Cali Bamboo called me and confirmed that Marlon told him my delivery would happen between 1 and 3.

Monday Dec 3, 2pm. Called Marlon's cellphone and went to voice mail. Called DHE company number and pressed 2 for dispatcher, but Gina picked up the phone. She was surprised to hear that my delivery on Friday was incomplete and I had set up a delivery wit Marlon for today. She said that I should set it up with her, but when I called her on Friday, she had already left for home. She also said to me a customer should not be calling a dispatcher at 3am. (She sounded more upset about me trying to set the delivery up myself than about me having to get up at 3am to try to correct the mistakes DHE made.)  She checked the record and said my delivery would be between 1 and 4pm (note: instead of 3pm as Marlon had told me and John). At the moment, the truck driver was in San Jose (1+ hour away) doing his other delivery.

Monday Dec 3, 4:05pm. DHE truck came. This time it was a bobtail. The truck driver yelled at our neighbor who voiced objection when the truck was trying to pull out to his gravel driveway. Later the truck drover over neighbor's plants on the shoulder of the road.

The delivery is complete.



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  1. Emmaon 05 Jan 2017 at 3:19 pm

    Wow! This is very alarming. Thank you for writing this post. I work for a company called Moroccan Mosaic & Tile House (we also sell flooring, but our tiles can be used for many other applications as well) and we have shipped with DHE in the past. I will now be very cautious of this company to ensure our clients don't experience this same issue, ESPECIALLY if I notice a shipment going to La Honda.

    Thanks again!


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