Monday, June 5th, 2017

So, Alex Hannold Free Solo'ed El Capitan via Freerider. A Compilation.

I'm putting the articles and discussions here to read at my own slow pace, and I hope that some of these links may be of interest to someone searching…

Most recent updates:

Climbing, by James Lucas: Behind the Scenes of Alex Honnold's Freerider Free Solo

…narrowly avoiding the plummet to the valley floor. Though Honnold climbs well, he’s not flawless.

A very good and comprehensive interview with the man by The Enormocast:  Episode 133: Alex Honnold – Kind of a Big Deal , where you will learn that at one point in the middle of the amazing feat, he repeated this to himself.

Humility, Humility, Humility!

And he was on Jimmy Kimmel:


Online Reporting of the Event:

Initial breaking news article:

“This is the ‘moon landing’ of free soloing,” said Tommy Caldwell,…


First Interview post send:

Mark: What are you going to do this afternoon?
Alex: I’m probably going to hang board.
Mark: A normal person would probably take the afternoon off after they free-soloed El Cap.
Alex: But I’ve been trying to hang board every other day, and it’s the other day.
Mark: Do you feel the world kind of needed something cool like this, at this moment in time?
Alex: What the world needs is for the U.S. to stay in the Paris Accords. There’s some bigger issues. But I think it’s always cool for somebody to work on something difficult and achieve their dream. Hopefully people can draw inspiration from this.


Rock 'n Ice:

Rock 'n Ice Interview:

Q: Response from the climbing community, and mainstream media, has been all over the place, from calling this the greatest climbing achievement ever, to condemning the promotion of free soloing. How do you feel about how the world has reacted to this?
A:I never really worry too much about how it’s sprayed around online and in general. Free soloing El Cap was something that I’ve always wanted to do.

Tom Evan's photo report: Link

Alex Honnold, the man we figured would do it sometime … did it, after long preparation and practice. This was no snap decision.. it was carefully planned and carried out… not a wild death wish or for garnering glory.  He did the entire climb in 3 hours 59 minutes… a new record for the route. (Edit: 3hr 56 min)

 Man's Journal:
Relevant Magazine:
The Sacramento Bee:
San Francisco Chronicle:
NY Times:

NY Times:

Q: Regular people see this as insane. Do you worry about dying young?
A: I do worry about dying young, which is why I spent a year or two preparing. I climbed El Cap without falling as early as 2008 or 2009. So physically I’ve been able to free solo this for eight or nine years. But it’s taken me a long time to feel safe enough on it that I want to do it.

How he trains:
The Economist (the Economist?):
Footware News:

Q: Any advice for what someone should never do when free-soloing?
A: “Umm, fall.”

A very short video:


People's Opinions Pieces (Some are thought provoking):

Tommy Caldwell:
Andrew Bisharat:
Chris Kalman:
Rock & Ice:
Cedar Wright:
Hans Florine:
Adam Ondra:
From 12 pros:
Jim Herson: (No, the link does not make his post public. If you are in his friend circle, you would have seen it.)
NY Times, by Daniel Duane:

Online Discussions:

Mountain Project:


Somewhat related:

The Enormocast:

"the free solo of "The Fish" by Hansjorg Auer in 2007 was in many ways more audacious than the Freerider solo" :

Old but may be informative:

Alex Hannold's brain:

First naked ascent of El Cap:
Some YouTube Videos of the climb (not by Alex Honnald and with ropes):


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