2002 Castro Halloween Party

This is the famous/infamous Castro street in San Francisco.
(photo by Frank)

This is the crowd on Castro Street on 2002 Halloween
(Photo by Frank)

Hey, that girl was cruelly popping the balloons!

Don't they have contact lenses in the ghosts community?

Well, at least they use badges.

I guess this explains why my colleagues were so excited about
going to the Castro Halloween Party.(Photo by Frank)

Sometimes, demons and ghosts also need to travel fast, so they use scooters.
(Photo by Frank)

He's lucky that there was no wind that night. He could have been a kite.

Got confused about their gender? Hey! This is Castro, so what do you expect?

We left for the Party from work directly and didn't get chance
to shop for costumes. Well, a lipstick came to my rescue.

We were glad to meet other cats in the party.

I laugh at death!

You don't see this any more even in China. So when I spotted this
guy in the crowd, I dragged him immediately to the camera.