Friday, August 20th, 2010

Post Canyon, A Playground in Hood River

We were supposed to get on our way up to Washington, but since Post Canyon was literally right there in town, I wanted to check it out before we leave Hood River. We followed the most popular trail, Seven Streams, all the way (Trails 100 to 116) and got a taste what this place was about. It was about lots of ups and downs including steep ups and steep downs; it was about some rooty ledges; and it was about big jumps, long skinnies, and teeter totters, etc. We put platform pedals on, but I wished I hadn’t because the trails we rode was mostly XC-ish and I needed the clipless pedals for those steep climbs.

You can find information on Post Canyon online. Once you get to the trailhead, you can find a big map posted. If you were like me who just wanted to follow the most popular route, you can just follow the trail signs for 100 to 116 and finish the loop that way.

I wish we had something like that where we live!

For GPS tracks, click on ride details below: