Saturday, December 11th, 2010

His Post: Coe Trail Work Cattle Duster

I stole Erik’s post from his forum. Shhh… don’t tell him.

Went to Coe for a day of trail work.  Got there a bit early so I geared up quick so I could go ride the new Jim Donnelly Trail.  This one has a bit of history since it was just “re-aligned” a bit on the sly.  Turns out the guy did a real nice job.  Fun trail that is not super steep but is still challenging.  The trail in places threads through the trees.  The guy has an eye for a good line and I appreciate that.

Got down just as everyone was wrapping up signed the release form and pedaled off for trail work.  One the way there we rode Anza-Jackson to Elderberry.  I got a bit further on Anza-Jackson but still came up short.  Hopefully next time.

We took a bit of a side trip and went and checked out Rock Tower Spring trail which has some cool rock formations and a small bike playground.  Could not do to much since with all the wet the rock was quite slick.

From there we headed on to do our duty.  We made our way down to the top of Cattle Duster and began the work of cutting out the gutters that went straight down the trail in sections and made it a bit sketchy at speed.

Further down I got some good tips from Valerie and Paul on how to build a proper gutter.  How to live in one, I got that.  Building one is something else.  After my second coaching session with Paul I felt I had it.  I spent about 15 minutes with one gutter and in the end liked.  Later riding it confirmed my initial thoughts.

As the day wound down we all headed up the trail to begin the ride out.  First stop was Sierra Vista.  Named so because there is a good view of the Sierra.  Why else.  Then Domino Pond to Cattle Duster.  Ooh, Cattle Duster is now a nice rippen decent.  Whoo Hooo.

We bailed out early as the rest of the group did one more climb.  We had to skedaddle since we had an appointment at Home Depot.

Mudworm flirting with the old man (I mean Charlie) hey wait a minute!  That is the wrong old man.

The new Jim Donnelly

300 Coe Mile in one day in this picture

Did not quite make it

The guy in the back is thinking “Hey my bike nice to”

Working Hard

Coe Goblin

Waiting Patiently

The End.