October 19th, 2013

“Did you get the license plate?” Mr. Mud asks while adjusting his body position on the couch cushion with a grimace on his face. Roxy, all her 14 pounds, rocked from his one leg to the other, but she seemed undisturbed at all. She did not see us the last two nights, so she’s content […]

September 22nd, 2013

  mudworm ~A great day riding at Coe. Mr. Mud was in the lead pretty much all day, but I was happy with my own riding. Was a good day for cleaning — I rode no dab on most trails except for Center (Not) Flats where my new rear tire seems to slide constantly on […]

October 6th, 2012

I’m proud to announce that we did it — Erik is now an official Hard COEre 100 (mile) finisher, and yours truly is a Hard COEre 100 (km) finisher as well as the course record holder. Yeah, as our dear friend Stephen once said, screw modesty! I wrote that very short paragraph (except the last […]

June 17th, 2012

It was hot indeed — this hot. The temperatures were recorded on Mr. Mud’s Garmin 800 on today’s ride: Here is the route (the best way to follow the route is to go to my my ride on MTBGuru and click on OSM mode in the map and zoom in): Hunting Hollow >> Jim Donnelley […]

June 10th, 2012

Oh Bear Mountain, where do I begin? People who have visited Bear Mountain speak of it as if it was a giant beast hidden deep in Henry Coe. You can’t quite tell whether it is excitement, or fear, or joy of survival in their voice. I’m intrigued. This weekend, despite having not done any long […]

May 12th, 2012

Has to be a quick post because we are back in action on remodeling the house. Will be leveling the kitchen ceiling joists and installing hood vents today. Willow Ridge was Mr. Mud’s idea. Not sure why he wanted to do it. Last time we did it was on the Henry Coe Rustic Journey two […]

April 29th, 2012

The weekend started on Friday afternoon. Made a last minute decision that I would ride over the hill to meet up with Mr. Mud so we could ride up B-OO-B (Bohlman – On Orbit – Bohlman) together. I had to carry our tent poles in a backpack hoping to get them fixed at Mel Cotton […]

April 7th, 2012

Announcement: The most complete account of this ride with many excellent photos, videos, and stories is actually on MTBR. As much as I love it when you, my reader, stay on my blog, I must say you’ll like what you see in that thread more. But still, following is my initial account of the ride… […]

February 19th, 2012

Since we have been away from Henry Coe (esp. long rides we used to do) for so long, when we thought about doing a fairly long ride this weekend, I naturally thought about my first ride at Coe (see MTBR thread: First time to visit Coe. Route suggestions and first aid preps? ) . My […]

January 2nd, 2012

The first ride of the year had to be special. That settled the place – Coe. I’m all about chasing fad, so I logged on to MTBR to see what’s hot for Henry Coe right now. Sure enough, I found two rides on the first page. But sorry, Patric (ratpick), I couldn’t get excited about […]

December 11th, 2010

I stole Erik’s post from his forum. Shhh… don’t tell him. Went to Coe for a day of trail work.  Got there a bit early so I geared up quick so I could go ride the new Jim Donnelly Trail.  This one has a bit of history since it was just “re-aligned” a bit on […]

December 11th, 2010

Lots of good posts in this MTBR thread: http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?t=671389 Following is my post: ========== For a second, I thought I was at the Skeggs Point. This is atypical for Hunting Hollow parking lot. ratpick about to take off on the ride/fly in. The three Hard COEre giants. Need a caption. Siesta time. Am I the […]

November 26th, 2010

There was nothing black about it — it was a sunny day. We all expected a crisp temperature. Actually, when we left home, it was below freezing. And there was hard ice at the parking lot when we got there before 10am. Either the ice was too hard, or Charlie was too light — he […]

November 14th, 2010

Last time I wrote about their heroic attempt, a gigantic ride in itself. I guess they learned from their experience, and November 13, 2010 went down as the day when Henry Coe first saw any human being (or, superman?) measured 100 miles of its trails in one day on a two wheel vehicle that is […]

October 9th, 2010

I’m feeling lazy right now after a full day of cleaning around the house (washed all the windows  and more), and I didn’t have my camera yesterday (found it today), so there is not much of a report from me. I rode to the site with Patrick and Roy. Worked mostly with a Pulaski, but […]

June 26th, 2010

This is my post to the related MTBR thread where more photos and stories can be found. ========== After our (mudncrud, ratpick, mudworm) extra little play loop on Spike Jones and Timm, we caught the big group (Sorcerer, Tom, Brian L, Zener, Eric S, girl_from_pitt, plymmer) on Coit Road at the north end of Anza. […]

June 19th, 2010

This is my post to the related MTBR thread. (There are more stories and photos there.) ============== This is about Charlie’s training ride for the thread bearing “rustic 10k” event. Just like last time, he sent an invite to a list of friends stating “the route should be long and miserable”; but unlike last time […]

June 12th, 2010

This is my post to the MTBR thread: It was going to be a warm summer day at Henry Coe after a long California spring, so I dressed accordingly for the occasion — long sleeves and leg warmers (with fleece liner). The sweat started pouring down my face shortly after I got started on the […]

May 15th, 2010

For a while, Lyman Willson was my favorite start from Hunting Hollow. And then it rained, and then rained more. The creeks were filled. Last time I went out that way was on Charlie’s ride last December. Now water proofed with my Gortex socks, would I be afraid of  a few creeks? Of course, not; […]

March 28th, 2010

Mei Tricked Me! That was what Derek had been claiming all day, to himself and to anyone within earshot. Well, I didn’t really mean to trick him; it was some unforeseen circumstance. When Derek said the day before in an email he was planning to ride alone because he hadn’t been riding much and would […]

February 18th, 2010

Ever since I broken a pedal on my first and only hooky ride at Henry Coe, I had been wary about repeating it. But I had to do it today, a Thursday, aka a work day, for a few reasons: 1) the reason that I a demo bike with me was because I told the […]

January 9th, 2010

It all started on MTBR. I strongly urge you to read the original thread, because you can find a lot of good information and fun conversation there. As far as I’m concerned, that thread shows following (so you REALLY should read it IMAO): 1. a video I made to document the makeover we did to […]

December 5th, 2009

Charlie sent an email to a list (not that long really) of people saying that he would be riding at Henry Coe on Saturday and he had expected one or two to show up. Who would have thought more than a dozen people came out on a freezing cold day to ride at Henry Coe! […]

November 29th, 2009

Three Candies? I’m referring to the three climbs: Lyman Willson, Anza-Jackson, and Serpentine. I envisioned the elevation profile will show three distinct peaks, but it does not. Oh well, those were the three interesting climbs on the ride; hence, three candies. It was a beautiful day. (Of course, we are in California!) While dropping down […]

October 25th, 2009

The official MTBR Henry Coe Fall Circus happened on Saturday. But we could only do Sunday, so we did our Post-Fall Circus Henry Coe B Ride (as opposed to the Pre-Fall Circus Henry Coe B Ride I did with Derek and Charlie last week). To recap from my previous blog post, here is Charlie’s route […]

October 18th, 2009

Oh, another weekend when Erik had to work (cliche by now). Not sure if we could join the MTBR Henry Coe Fall Circus ride next weekend, I got curious to check out their B ride. And Derek wanted to ride too. Great! When we were in the parking lot, Charlie and Roy pulled in and […]

September 29th, 2009

Kids, do you know what happens if you play hooky and go ride your bike? Your pedal falls off. Like this: And then, you have to ride home like this: But I know, it’s just too hard to resist when you suddenly receive an email inviting you to go ride your mountain bike at Henry […]

September 19th, 2009

Erik, Derek, and I were actually the few that signed up early (before September 10) for the Henry Coe Mountain Biking Challenge. And we showed up this morning geared up and ready to go. After the race announcement, the racers left for the gate at the end of Gilroy Hot Springs Road, the official start […]

September 7th, 2009

Did this ride with Patrick and Derek because Erik was on call, again. We followed the sport course of the Henry Coe MTB Challenge. Sport/Expert Course About 24 miles Climbing 5000+- Start Coit Road Left Cross Canyon Trail Right Willow Ridge Road Becomes Crest Trail Right Kelly Lake Trail Left Coit Road Left Wasno Road […]

August 9th, 2009

When we arrive at the Hunting Hollow Parking Lot, there are only two vehicles. The big lot looks very deserted. I wonder if we have missed any important announcements such as the park has be closed to public. Oh well, we drop four dollars into the collection box nonetheless and roll off to Hunting Hollow […]

June 13th, 2009

MTBR thread It was one year ago that I attended the IMBA monthly Henry Coe trail work the first time. I wanted to do it every month, but life got in the way and I only managed one other time. However, I had decided nothing should stop me from attending this one since it would […]

May 25th, 2009

We had a late start after sending off the little tweety bird to the rescue center, but we weren’t going to let it deter us from riding Coe, especially on such a nice day. While gray, foggy, and miserable at home (on the ocean side of Skyline Ridge), it was at perfect temp in the […]

March 21st, 2009

Crosspost from MTBR: =================== Remember this Henry Coe ride a bunch of people did last year? (I wasn’t there because back then, I had never heard of Henry Coe yet. Oh, what had I missed out?!) Well, it happened again this year, but only quietly. Why? Some time constraint was in place and the group […]

January 17th, 2009

This is my trip reported posted to MTBR. I still could not commit last night. Erik had an orthodontist appointment this morning. I felt that I should wait for him and do something locally together in the afternoon, but Charlie just made the Coe ride sound too enticing. Right before we went to bed, Erik […]

January 10th, 2009

Today was another ROMP’s trailwork day at Coe (MTBR thread). Erik had made plans though to do some rebolting of a rock climbing route at Pinnacles (the equivalent of trailwork to mountain biking). Guess we would be paying dues to two park goddesses on the same day. Sweet! Usually, in order to get to Hunting […]

November 30th, 2008

It started out as a challenge after a “failed” attempt the weekend before (see the story below).  The goal is to ride 10k at Henry Coe, in one day, where 10k refers to the total vertical feet of climbing.  We first heard of this notion on MTBR, and for whatever reason, it had an immediate […]

October 19th, 2008

We did not plan to duplicate last weekend, but it just happened this way. Saturday: Low Key Hill Climbs, Quimby Road We were planning to go climbing at Pinnacles today, but last night, we found out that our mountain bikes were not ready for tomorrow’s Coe ride that we had committed ourselves to. Since we […]

October 12th, 2008

One is on Saturday; the other on Sunday. One is road riding; the other mountain biking. They deserve two separate reports, but I don’t feel like writing. Here is a quick run down. Saturday:Low Key Hill Climbs, W. Apline We barely got up early enough to make the Low Key Hill Climbs event although today’s […]

July 5th, 2008

On Saturday, we slept in as what most people did on the day after July 4th and did not pull into Hunting Hollow parking lot until almost 11. The sun was already cooking the ground by then. Perfect for heat training at Coe. Two riders returned from their ride of the day while we were […]

June 14th, 2008

[Note: This was my post on MTBR, where I learned about this event.] 8AM at Coe HQ? That’s just too early! But Erik said since we had so much fun on our last ride (note: my only Coe ride), we should give something back. That makes sense. It was an impressive turnout — nine volunteers […]

May 4th, 2008

I’m taking a Written Communication Skills class for ESL Speakers at work. The first feedback my instructor gave me on my assignments was “wordy.” Knowing my problem doesn’t necessarily mean I know how to fix it. But it enables me to warn you — this is going to be a long trip report. In an […]