Saturday, June 13th, 2009

MTB: Henry Coe Trail Work/Ride

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It was one year ago that I attended the IMBA monthly Henry Coe trail work the first time. I wanted to do it every month, but life got in the way and I only managed one other time. However, I had decided nothing should stop me from attending this one since it would be my Coe trailwork annyversary.

Just like the first time, some of us chose to ride to the work site together. We had Charlie, Roy, Greg, Patrick, and me — all on Specialized Stumpjumper. What a coindence!

When we arrived at the work site — the bottom of Willow Ridge Trail, the other crew already left to work from the top of the trail, so we started from the bottom. I stayed in the front and focused on clipping the over grown branches and bushes. The trail was mostly in a good shape except for a few trees that had fallen. Those trees trunks were cut and moved off the trail, so now the entire trail allows a continuous flow. The best part of the trailwork is the lunch break. It took place when we the two groups converged in the middle. I was pleasantly surprised to see how big the turn out was — there were twelve of us in total. We sat in the sun, chatted, laughed, and refueled.

The crew

Trail rerouting.

Hi, little birdie!

We rode in by way of : Manzanita Point Road » Flat Frog Trail » Hobbs Road » Middle Ridge Trail » Poverty Flats Road » Mahoney Meadows Rd, and rode out by way of : Mahoney Meadows Rd » Lost Spring Trail » China Hole Trail » Manzanita Trial » Manzanita Point Road. I was really happy to have cleaned all the climbs on Middle Ridge Trail, Poverty Flats Road, and later the notorious “Mahoney Wall”. I cleaned the other technical bits on the Middle Ridge Trail and China Hole downhill better than ever, but I was still a bit slow. Practice, and more practice is what I need!

The riders

Henry Coe

Well, there must be some sort of telepathy between Erik and me. Even though he could not attend the trailwork because he was on call, he kept himself very busy. I returned home to some nice built structures in the yard that he put up for my skill practices.