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January 1st, 2012

I’m having a Déjà vu… Oh yeah, I said the same thing back in 2006. But that was when I took a long break from rock climbing and before I started mountain biking. This time though, it was after a long break from my extensive riding (mainly mountain biking) in 2010. I guess I just […]

May 21st, 2011

Tsinghua University — in Chinglish, I should call her my “mother school” — is where I did my undergrad. She just celebrated her 100th anniversary. The Northern American Tsinghua Alumni Association put together a Variety Show on May 24, 2011 in Flint Center, Cupertino.  It was half a year ago, my good friend Hua asked […]

April 6th, 2011
March 8th, 2010

That is if you move at all. I normally do not advocate for any company or organization because I believe people are capable of making their own choices. But this time, I’d like to bring to everyone’s attention this simple method of supporting good causes of your choice by just being alive.  This can be […]

December 19th, 2009

Despite knowing that it would be a long drive, we didn’t push for too early of a start. As a result, we did not get out of the house until 8am. It would be a very long day ahead of us. We had four audio books in the car. Erik got those from the library […]

December 6th, 2009

Why does it bug me? Can’t believe you have to ask –  Don’t you see what’s wrong here? It’s asymmetric! Can that be even legal??? I even paused on my Henry Coe ride just so I can fix this messy situation: There! This is better! Haha… Just my rambling when it’s raining outside.

November 5th, 2009

I don’t know!!! Argh! I think the rheumatologist likes me to think not, but he has asked me to go back to see him in four weeks so he can run some blood tests on me. See, he can’t know for sure! The ankle so far has been getting better everyday. Last Thursday (4th day), […]

October 27th, 2009

Initial report on Oct 27 (one day after onset): Hmmm…First time using the crutches. First time wearing a cast boot. Will be getting an MRI the first time. I think the horizon of my life has just expanded. Let’s see… what happened? NOTHING happened, literally. Here is what I wrote to a friend in email […]

December 19th, 2008

We sent following newsletter to our friends as a summary of our year 2008. Click on the image to access the PDF file. (To activate a hyperlink in the PDF file, place the cursor at the start of the link.)  

August 1st, 2008

This is the third weekend in a row that we have gear piled up on the floor: on Thursday night, Mud throws climbing gear and camping gear in the middle of the room. We talk about going away for the weekend and climb. On Friday, we come home realizing we can’t really just go away, […]

April 21st, 2008

The “Brits” are known among climbers here (in the US) to be bold and tough. Then I heard my MTB riding partner Bryn referred to himself as an English man. I decided to ask, “what is the difference between a British man and an English man?” Following is his answer, which I thought was very […]

February 25th, 2008

Erik and I watched Seducing Dr. Lewis recently and we both enjoyed it.  This movie is about a tiny fishing village in Canada (I thought it was France because it’s in French).  I’m not good at writing movie reviews, so I won’t even try. Just wanted to put it out there because I like the […]

February 7th, 2008

February 7, 2007 is the first day of Chinese New Year on the lunar calendar. It’s the Year of the Rat. A simple search can lead you to a lot of resources on Chinese astrology and traditions such as this one. When I was little (maybe twenty something years ag0), materials were not abundant. The […]

June 1st, 2006

It only took me seven months. Last time I updated this website was mid November, 2005, when the Pinnacles season started. Well, for Erik at least. I managed to trick him into going to Joshua Tree on Thanksgiving, but not for long — we returned earlier just so that he could climb at Pinnacles on […]

May 31st, 2006

I’m sorry. 😥

March 31st, 2005

For a month! Boring…

January 26th, 2005

2005 Well, for sure, I will still be climbing. Besides Yosemite, Pinnacles, and Table Mountain, I hope to go to other different places in this new year in front of me. It’s always fun to explore. It has been a pretty good start so far. I went to Pinnacles with Debby on Jan 16, Sunday– […]

December 31st, 2004

It’s been a while since last time I put up a trip report. I did climb, but only got too lazy to type. We went to Gold Wall a few times and Jailhouse once — all were short trips. Sometimes, we went to Gold Wall with friends and there was lots of chatting and socializing; […]

August 17th, 2002

Following are my old photo reports. These were from the early days of my website when I didn’t write much.  But they marked the beginning of my outdoor adventures. May 24-26, 2003 Climbing: Lover’s Leap Apr 5 and 6, 2003 Climbing: Gold Wall and the Grotto Feb 16, 2003 Snowshoeing: Badger Pass in Yosemite Jan […]