Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Ha, I’m back! I think…

I’m having a Déjà vu… Oh yeah, I said the same thing back in 2006. But that was when I took a long break from rock climbing and before I started mountain biking. This time though, it was after a long break from my extensive riding (mainly mountain biking) in 2010. I guess I just went cold turkey. We also started our house remodeling in August, DIY style. Not that we’ve been working on the house all the time — we were not. Busy with work during the week, and Erik regularly working one day a weekend, we’d be lucky if we worked on the house one day a week. But still, I would feel guilty if I went away to “play”. Long story short, I had been off my bike for a while.

That was until… I told Patrick that I would be “back” in 2012. What did that mean? I wasn’t really sure. Will I be back to doing those long rides like the 84-mile Tour ‘de Peninsula ride, or Everything Skeggs ride, or even the Death Ride??? I don’t know, but I got so anxious that as 2012 was approaching, I got a panicky feeling. I had to prepare for my “come back”!

So, I rode my bike almost everyday in the last two weeks of December blessed with the wonderful Bay Area weather.

riding log 2011

We got hooked on two fun Skeggs loops so much that we kept going back to them, which I’ve added to my Skeggs Ride Collection (Rides 7 and 8). And the lengths were short enough for us to go impromptu when things were going a bit slow during the holidays. My interest about mountain biking has been rekindled. Yes, Patrick, I’m back!

But then… I also just got back into rock climbing recently (in the gym mainly, but fairly regularly) after my previous partner Jeanne retired (temporarily) to have a baby. With a new strong partner, I also regained my interest in pushing hard on the climbs.

Yet… the living room is still filled with tools (table saw, chop saw, jig saw, Skil saw, you name it). The walls are wide open and the cats have been having a lot fun walking through them. We probably should get back into our remodeling too; no, we definitely need to. I’m in charge of the house rewiring and still have half of it to go…

Oh, and while framing, an idea suddenly came to me and we now have a short pony wall framed in for my “sewing center”. Yep, you heard me right! I’m going to have a sewing center.

Oh, yes, I’m back! Back to what? We shall see. 2012 will tell.

4 Responses

  1. comment workingon 01 Jan 2012 at 11:20 pm

    Comments were not working before. Guess it was cryptographp plugin acting up. Should be working now. Thanks, Patrick! -Mei

  2. Dirk dBon 02 Jan 2012 at 3:13 pm

    Awesome! Welcome back.

    I have a nice goal for you, for which you’ll undoubtedly be very grateful: the Hard COEre 100 is longing for its first female finisher. Date is 2012/10/6, plenty of time to prepare 🙂

  3. mudwormon 02 Jan 2012 at 9:25 pm

    Sheesh, Dirk, my wheels can barely go in straight lines still… And that goal? Not sure about you guys, but some of us think beautify sleep is important. 😉

  4. Patrick Herlihyon 02 Jan 2012 at 10:24 pm

    Gulp.. we have a date for the 3rd running? 🙂

    Mei, it’s possible to sleep on the ride.. Roy did it riding along Center Flats Rd and I caught a few minutes here and there by sprinting to the next intersection and dropping to the ground for some instant shut-eye!

    Start training!