Friday, August 1st, 2008

A Pattern

This is the third weekend in a row that we have gear piled up on the floor: on Thursday night, Mud throws climbing gear and camping gear in the middle of the room. We talk about going away for the weekend and climb. On Friday, we come home realizing we can’t really just go away, so we spend both days working around the house. And Mud puts the climbing gear and camping gear back to the shelves.

The weekend before the last one, I worked hard in the house and cleaned four bikes, and Mud worked hard in the yard and hauled twenty loads of cleared tree branches and bushes to the dump yard.

Last weekend, we worked on replacing our stove. It was a learning process. We made one trip into town on Saturday to get the gaps pipe adapter (had a hard time finding the right ones).  Hooked it up. The flames were spectacular, but the bottoms of the kettle and the pans got all covered in soot. Turned out that the stove was set up for natural gas, but we run LP gas (propane) and we made another trip into town to get the adapter for that. In the mean time, we did cellphone shopping and saw James.

Those weekends were productive, but I can get a trip report out of them! I’ll have to see if this weekend follows the same pattern or not.