Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Henry Coe Willow Ridge Loop with Mr. Mud

Has to be a quick post because we are back in action on remodeling the house. Will be leveling the kitchen ceiling joists and installing hood vents today.

Willow Ridge was Mr. Mud’s idea. Not sure why he wanted to do it. Last time we did it was on the Henry Coe Rustic Journey two years ago. It was a very tough climb. But his wish was my command, so I came up with a route that would take us to Willow Ridge with some flexibility. Flexibility was what we needed because we planned on an early start, and that plan did not get carried out. We got to the parking lot fairly late, and were happy to see some familiar faces, Skyline35, plymmer, and BigLarry. After a pleasant chat, we all went different ways. Would you say Henry Coe riders are anti social? Haha…

It was a gorgeous day at Coe. The temp might have been a little high, but we often times enjoyed the breeze, which made me smile. However, there were two steep climbs on this route: Dexter and Willow Ridge, with the latter being longer and even tougher. I made through the crux on Dexter, but unfortunately came off right before the end of the wall when the wheels fell into the loose rut. Pushed 15 feet or so. I think that climb is within grasp some day. However, the same, I’m afraid, cannot be said for Willow Ridge. I was pacing myself for the head wall, but still could not finish it without feeling about to explode. Pushed 40 feet or so on that climb.

When Mr. Mud topped out on Willow Ridge, I asked him how many times he had to push. “Once.” Oh wow, I thought to myself. That’s amazing for how “slow” he was since I waited for quite a while. “80% of the trail,” he added. My jaws dropped, not knowing what to say to that. Only then, did he muster a smile, “I was joking on both accounts.”

Without further ado, here are some photos to show What It Was Like Out There (Skyline35â„¢).

Ford Taxi at McDonald’s parking lot

Always good to see friends in the parking lot even though we don’t always ride with each other.

Mr. Mud topping out on Dexter

Interesting body position

A butterfly that liked to land on us. Only managed this blurry photo.

Top of Willow Ridge Trail.

Here’s ta sweat in your eye.

The hills are so green and the sky is so blue!

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