Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Henry Coe Trailwork/ride

I’m feeling lazy right now after a full day of cleaning around the house (washed all the windows  and more), and I didn’t have my camera yesterday (found it today), so there is not much of a report from me.

I rode to the site with Patrick and Roy. Worked mostly with a Pulaski, but also spent some time sawing. Took a ride out in the truck so I could return the volunteer placard only to find out that Paul and Chris were going back straight to Gilroy Hot Springs. I’m keeping the card for now, which means I should try to return for another trailwork soon.

I had a good time, but was feeling a bit tired afterward. Erik and I went to Korean Tofu House in Cupertino for dinner. We finished everything on the table!

Many photos and some stories are in this MTBR Thread: