Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Low Key Hill Climbs and Henry Coe

One is on Saturday; the other on Sunday. One is road riding; the other mountain biking. They deserve two separate reports, but I don’t feel like writing. Here is a quick run down.

Saturday:Low Key Hill Climbs, W. Apline

We barely got up early enough to make the Low Key Hill Climbs event although today’s ride was right in our neighborhood. Between a large turnout (near 100 people) and many even later arrivals, we managed to get in. Mass start at the very bottom of W. Alpine (i.e. the intersection with Pescadero Road). It started on a long stretch of flat ground. I did not understand why the whole peloton was passing me by even though I thought I was pedaling hard until Erik explained to me after the ride the benefits of drafting. I should have remembered, but I was too busy praying nobody clip me and staying out of everyone’s way. When the climb started, I started passing people, which, as usual, brought me some joy, except when I passed Erik. He is usually faster than me, so when I passed him and he did not respond, I knew something was not right. When we rode out the house, he complained that his bike had been screwed up. We sent our bikes in for a tune up two weeks ago and did not touch them until this morning. My bike had a coil of cables dangling off of rear derailleur, which I zip-tied to my seat tube. His bike was ghost-shifting and rubbing. We should have tested the bikes after we got them back, but we didn’t. Still, bike trouble alone would not have explained it. He did not know what it was either (see his own account). When I topped out, I thought I must have placed in the middle of the pack among women considering how many people passed me in the beginning and how few women I remember passing on the climb. So, it was a surprise when I found out that I placed the third out nineteen. I was quite happy about that outcome. I just hope that Erik finds his usual self back next time.

Sunday: Henry Coe

Derek had planned on an epic ride with us at Henry Coe. Erik and I got two Ibis Mojo demo bikes from Passion Trail Bikes in Belmont. Coincidentally, when we were waiting for Derek to show up, two other riders rolled up and they both had their own Ibis Mojo’s. When Derek arrived, he was a little discouraged to see four Ibis Mojo’s, one XTR S-Works, and one Ellsworth. In his own words, he felt like the red headed step child because he had the cheapest bike in the parking lot. The rest, I think Erik summed it up well in his report. I was disappointed that I only got 12 miles on the Ibis Mojo at Coe, but Erik was very happy to BS (for three hours) with his buddy Derek and the Coe regulars we met in the parking lot before and after the ride. As long as you are happy, honey.

Update: Later, I posted on MTBR in response to someone’s inquiry about a short ride. Here is part of my post:

One 13 mile ride we did from HH seems to fit your criteria:

HH->Coyote Creek Entrance->Spike Jones Trail (with Timm Trail downhill loop optional)->Steer Ridge Road->Wagon Road->Bowl Trail->Lyman Willson Ridge Trail->HH Road. (Bold font for fun singletracks.)

You can see our route and stats from MTBguru, but beware that at that time we took Timm Trail in the uphill direction, which we found out later was not as fun as in the other direction.