Saturday, June 12th, 2010

MTB: Henry Coe Trailwork / Ride

This is my post to the MTBR thread:

It was going to be a warm summer day at Henry Coe after a long California spring, so I dressed accordingly for the occasion — long sleeves and leg warmers (with fleece liner). The sweat started pouring down my face shortly after I got started on the Anza climb. All day, I resisted the temptation to peel a layer off. Considering the juicy PO bushes on the trail side and the tall grasses that I had to plow through on my ride in and out, I think I made the right decision. Last year’s disaster (graphical content: pic 1 and pic 2) was not to be repeated!

The occasional breeze made the heat somewhat bearable, but I think most of us withered a bit in the sun. I was relieved when the end was called when the brushes had been cleared back. But then Sorcerer wanted to walk the rest of the trail (the more barren portion) to the other end because it would be “meditating.” Most of us joined the group meditation session. Actually, Diesel~ and Sorcerer both found offending bushes to hack away while the rest of us mostly just walked, some of us in silence. We did get to admire our trailwork on our descend back though.

It was at the bottom of the trail where Paul’s vehicle had parked that I got nurtured back to life by Paul’s chilled Pink Lemonade and Chuck’s water. Re-energized, I got on my bike and started riding with knobs and plymmer. I enjoyed eavesdropping on their conversations. While we took a break before Tule Pond Trail, guess who showed up? Wow, how did you know — Skyline35 rolled up all smiling. If I hadn’t nudged them to get moving, I swear they would have stayed in that one spot just yapping away the day and the night. Have I ever pointed out that guys could be really chatty?

I was a bit beat by the end of the day, but it was another great day with great people. I was glad that the hubby got to watch the FIFA game. At home, I just casually, more out of courtesy, asked how the game went, and he went on for half an hour without breathing describing to me all the little details. I tried to nod at the right moments, but please don’t ask me anything about the game because I was catching up with my online surfing during his enthusiastic recap.

Oh, by today, I only have a few itchy spots that are most likely from the mosquitoes at Demo where I rode the next day. But I found a small patch of PO rash in my left ear. I knew I should have worn my ear warmers!!!

My ride (21.2mi / 4651′ Click on OSM view and zoom in to see the trail names.)

It must have been hot. Chucko’s shoe de-laminated.

Diesel~ sweeping the trail.

Roy doing “high altitude brushing” (Sorcerer coined the phrase). I took the photo just because it would make a great butt shot.

And Sorcerer likes to get down under

Sorcerer meditating…

knobs meditating in his own way…

Look, Skyline35 is trackstanding!

Sorcerer, that last picture of Chris was great. Loved the beautiful and contagious smile!