Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

MTB: First 2013 Coe Ride


  1. mudworm ~A great day riding at Coe. Mr. Mud was in the lead pretty much all day, but I was happy with my own riding. Was a good day for cleaning — I rode no dab on most trails except for Center (Not) Flats where my new rear tire seems to slide constantly on the loose surface. Pushed some hills that Mud rode up.

    I think I screwed up. Wanted to see what the last part of Coe 100 was like. Now I know — it sure hurt like heck at the end. I simply cannot imagine getting there with 43 more miles and 8000 more footies. I think it was a good thing to do it without knowing what you are getting into. Now, I’m getting way too anxious. I’m thinking about going to Outer Bike (in Utah) instead.

    And holy smoke! Where the heck do I store those trophies???!

  2. Mud Crud

    Jeepers 20 out of 21 QOM’s! How did you miss that one segment.

  3. Roy Ross

    Nice job. I was hoping for something similar but the rain caused deviations yesterday. Still, 9K and 51 miles, not bad for the rain.

    Your 56 and near 13K is very impressive.

  4. Mud Crud

    Roy considering your weather I think your ride was a bit harder. We had near perfect conditions.

  5. No Power Wēk Sôs

    yawn….another set of QOMs, how mundane.

  6. Mud Crud


  7. mudworm ~

    Hehehe… I took some photos, and picked a few to publish to Instagram. But it was too late and only two are shown. All the photos (most with my comments) are posted at—Dowday

  8. Skyline 35

    Since this part of the 100 miler is in the dark, it was smart to familiarize yourself with the trails.

    I see you made a side trip to “That Rock” (on Willow Ridge Road).

    How was Phoneline? 🙂

  9. Mud Crud

    Phoneline was clear and in good shape.

  10. mudworm ~

    It was my plan to give you a trail condition report, Charlie! I went in with the expectation that most of the remote trails after a summer would be completely overgrown, so I was very surprised that all the trails on this ride were in very decent shape. If I use being able to ride without dab as the criteria, I’ll say, Charlie, your Coit Lake Tr is still in very good condition. Same goes for Phoneline. I remember there was a time, we had to push the bike through a tunnel. Not now. Dutch’s and the rest in the Coe Bermuda Triangle are all very rideable even without any cutting back of the brushes. There are only two trees down (both fairly massive) on this ride. One at the very bottom of Turkey Pond Tr, about 20 feet before the road, so we just carried the bikes up the bank to the road. My memory is a bit blurry about the whereabouts of the other one, but I now think it’s at the bottom of White Tank Tr. It was a little treacherous to carry the bike and step over the branches.

    When are you going back to Coe, Charlie? She misses you!

  11. Roy Ross

    I think you’re right. I felt I had a big ride in me on Saturday. I got slapped down by the rain. It didn’t really hit me until Pacheco Ridge Road. At that point the rain and the mud/water puddles really made it frustrating. If my gearing didn’t seize up it might have been different. I had to cry out in anguish a couple of times. No one heard me since it is Coe. Thanks for the pictures! Really pretty as I knew it would be.

  12. mudworm ~

    Thanks Roy for checking out the photos. Coe is such a photogenic beauty, as we all agree! That must be the reason why you keep going back to her.

    Trail condition report continued: Remember how bumpy the top of the JDT usually is from the gofer damage? Surprisingly, it is very smooth now (albeit not wider)! Now sure how long it will stay that way. Nature sure has her own plans.

  13. Mud Crud

    This is where we disagreed a bit. I think Dutch’s and the trail by the lake could use a brushing. Both a very ridable but there are area’s that require ducking and a bit of just riding through. By next spring I think they will be starting to close in.

  14. Jeanne Waldman

    You ride more in one day than I ride in a month pre and post baby. I hurt just looking at your rides!

  15. mudworm ~

    Talk about hurt. My left hip had been hurting and it was affecting my left knee when riding as well. So, going into the ride, they were hurting and it got me a bit worried. Mr. Mud made an observation the other night that lately I had developed a habit that became obvious — when I pushed hard, I tended to point my knees outwards. On this ride, I caught myself doing that many times and always reminded myself to correct the strokes. I was so happy as the ride went on, my hip and knee pain actually stopped hurting. And they felt quite fine after the ride! That was a relief!

  16. Switch Bax

    Holy Wow! Props on what appears to have been a majestic ride!

  17. Skyline 35

    Mudworm, I hope to return to Coe soon, probably some sort of ride on Oct 5.

    Sorry that I couldn’t have worked on the trails a little more for the big event. Was hoping to bush Heritage some, and maybe a little work east side of Mississippi Lake too. Well, at least Phoneline is good.

    Mud, those low Manzanita branches on the Coit Lake Trail are a “Feature”, not a problem. 🙂

    @ Both, this is an impressive ride!

  18. Mud Crud

    I thought features could be jumped. 🙂


  1. Mud Crud
    Went for a pre-ride of the second half or the Coe 100. Felt good on most of the ride but seemed to suffer on the steep single tracks. Ran out of food and water at the end of the ride and started to suffer a bit on the climbs. Coe is a hilly place.Met some hikers at Pacheco. Beautiful day and the trails were about as perfect as the can get.

  2. Roy Ross
    Great route. Yeah, Coe is hilly alright. I’m sure the trails were super grippy. Must have affected your KOM on Dutch’s downhill. That is going to upset someone.

  3. Mud Crud
    with a good brushing a good minute or so could be taken off Dutch’s. The tacky dirt did help quite a bit.

  4. mudworm ~

    This is not the first time I found that GPS/Strava averaging moving speed cannot be trusted. You were way faster than me than all pure downhills, and stronger than me on all uphills (unless there is a singletrack wall climb). Nice job! So, should we go to Outer Bike in Utah on the weekend of Oct 5? 😉

  5. Mud Crud
    Outer bike, I suppose so



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