Friday, July 27th, 2012

Skeggs Everything Re-redux

  1. mudworm ~  We both took Friday off. Almost went to Tahoe (I have a killer two-day itinerary), but decided to be lazy. Glad to be a guide on his Skeggs Everything Hall of Fame Induction ride. I can do this ride without a map now, although I’m a little SE’ed out, at least for now.

  2. Patrick Herlihy  Wow.. some fast times here! Especially the Lower Fir DH – killer! 🙂 More proof you were sandbagging when we did it last!

  3. mudworm ~  Patrick I was a bit cautious going downhill last time because I didn’t have any rare brake pads left. (I know I know, many of you have done rides without any brake.)

  4. Skyline 35  What did you name the file? ThePerfectSkeggsEverything.gpx ??? :-)Congratulations (again)!

  5. mudworm ~  Hey, Skyline35, how did you know?!

  1. Patrick Herlihy  Nice! Welcome to the club!

  2. Mud Crud  Thank you, it was fun. The hill repeats seemed to have paid off.

  3. Skyline 35  Excellent!

  4. Dirk dB  Do you really need to ride everything to join the club?Also, I think you need to add the requirement to hike or run the out-and-back to the Tafoni sandstone formation…

  5. Mud Crud  I stopped there thinking we had to go there but was told it is not a bike trail. I think it should be in.

  6. mudworm ~  Dirk, admit it, feeling a little left out? You know…all the cool kids are in the club.

  7. Dirk dB  I know… but I get dizzy looking at that track (or the thought of riding all that).