Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Skeggs Everything Redux

with a Garmin Edge 305


  1. mudworm ~   Oh darn, I must have played with the “smart recording” vs “every second”, and left it at “every second” at one point. We were even talking about that setting early on the ride. Oh well, there is nothing I can do now — the old data was over written. The GPS does show the total stats: 42.34 miles and 6hr12min riding time. It should have come out 10K+ as shown in my previous (solo) ride: fun riding with Patrick and Roy. A good pace. They kept teasing me by saying I was riding strong. Good to see Charlie and Newton at the end of the ride too.

  2. Newton C   Good seeing you guys @ CM08. The teasing continued after you left. 🙂

  3. Patrick Herlihy   No teasing.. just noting facts 🙂 Such a fun ride – thank you so much for initiating and sandbagging all day to make me feel great!

  4. Skyline 35   Very cool to be there to cheer you guys at the finish line! for the impressive salt lines on your clothes at the finish!

  5. mudworm ~   I’m still buzzing from the ride. Thank you all for being part of it. Recaps: #106 and newer)

  6. Sarah Murphy   WOW this is an AWESOME ride!

  7. Mud Crud   Bummers on loosing the footies. I was a bit let down the other day when I lost 500 feet when my garmin some how got stopped. Did not notice it until half way up Montebello. Now get out there and ride and GetRDone

  8. Mike ‘MrCrash’ Solis   The route for the full ride is a work of art. It’s on my two-wheeled bucket list!

  9. mudworm ~   @Sarah, the ride is AWESOME in its own unique way. I’ll recommend. @Mr Mud, it’s all meant to be as I thoroughly enjoyed today’s JRA ride, which would not have happened if I had not lost the footies. @Mike, no kidding. The route creator did a great job. Bucket list? You can do it any day.


Picture taken by Skyline35 right after the ride:



Charlie: Roy, Roy, open you eyes… Roy, open your eyes.
Roy: They are open!


Day after:

with a Garmin Edge 305


  1. Newton C   damn, after yesterday you still have enough for this.

  2. mudworm ~   Hence JRA’ing. 🙂

  3. Brian Lucido   Nice, Mudworm…. way to go back and get it back! You guys did a great job on this challenge, getting so many footies on dirt!


All of this is for:


mudworm ~    has completed the Rapha Rising Challenge!
  1. Newton C   omg.

  2. mudworm ~   Just returned from a late dinner at Alice’s. Had margarita (a few sips for me) and Mud pie for celebration.

  3. Greg Holley   congrats to you too mudworm!

  4. Patrick Herlihy   Wow.. you had to seriously over-achieve to make up the lost-footies.. awesome! And 2 consecutive days at Alice’s – livin’ the life 🙂

  5. David Kirjassoff   I went for a long ride at Skeggs (for me) yesterday, but still came up 3000ft short. Decided not to over achieve, but good for you!

  6. mudworm ~   Thanks guys! David, you need a good GPS! By good, I mean one that logs a lot of footies. 🙂


I’m not the only one!


Mud Crud has completed the Rapha Rising Challenge!
  1. Greg Holley   If I counted right, that included 16x on the Montebello school repeats!

  2. mudworm ~   omg!16x. Hahaha… someone is counting.

  3. Mud Crud   Sounds about right. have not ridden that road that much the entire time I have ridden a bike around here. Kind of like it now. Wanted to do more but stuff just kind of ramped up right around the start of this challenge.

  4. Brian Lucido   Good move, Mud. These challenges give you a boost!