Wednesday, June 18th, 2003

Climbing: Snake Dike on Half Dome, Yosemite

It is my birthday. So doing a climb that I’ve heard so much about and have always wanted to do sounds like a perfect idea for this special day! Snake Dike is an easy climb on the side of Half Dome (note: it’s not the same as the hikers’ cable route). The approach from the valley takes about 3 hours, and it is a pleasant hike up. The route is crowded. There are five parties in front of us and we have to wait for two hours to get started. But the wait is not bad. We get to sit at the base, enjoy the breeze, sunshine, and the beautiful view around us. The climb is fantastic. It has some scary spots, but is fun! It is really windy on a few pitches when the wind brushes by the dome on the side. We hang out at the top for fifteen minutes or so. Then we run down to the valley floor, and Allen treats me a nice dinner at Curry Village. It’s a memorable day and a memorable climb.

let me do a pose Hiking up the Mist trail is not easy
Nevada Falls
Allen takes a nap while waiting in line at the base of the climb
stick up your hands! -- hehe, it is really windy and cold up there.
almost done mountain man
does it make you nervous? this is the 2nd time I'm on half dome
yoga posture: upward dog yoga posture: downward dog
Allen's diving board