Sunday, October 5th, 2003

Climbing at Church Bowl, Yosemite

Ahh… This weekend was perfect. By perfect, I mean it was really perfect. The weather in the valley was perfect — not cold nor hot. The climbs we did were awesome. And most importantly, we got chance to hang out together!

On Saturday, Allen and Steve sent Astroman, one of the best and hardest multipitch free climbs in the valley. In the meantime, Chris, Erica, and Mei had fun on the first five pitches of East Buttress of Middle Cathedral Rock. Then Sunday was joined by Robyn and her cute little son, Evan. The group kept expanding… We were later joined by Janelle, Bill, little Lyon, and their friends. Speaking of social aspect of climbing, you should have come and seen us!

Mei leading Church Bowl Lieback. Not sure how she can hunch herself into that bad posture.

Robyn following up Church Bowl
Lieback. Yes, pulling in arms and pressing in feet, a perfect
demonstration of opposition — a key principle in climbing.

Bill shows you how climbing can bring you joy.

Would you like some beta on leading Energizer?

Oh… Isn’t Evan cute? Ok, let Robyn’s smile tell you the answer.

Boy aren’t we a handsome group? Just look at the beautiful girls and the handsome guy in these photos!