Saturday, May 15th, 2004

Serenity Crack, After Seven, and Lena’s Lieback

The weather was too nice, so we had to get out of the house. How about Yosemite? Allen and I jumped on Serenity Crack. The first two pitches were a foot killer. The pin scars provided nice finger locks, but my feet were screaming at the crack. Imagine this: place your big toe, and big toe only, into a small pocket on the wall, and twist your foot and then stand on it. The third pitch is more fun even though it’s harder. SuperTopo says doing Serenity without continuing on Sons of Yesterday is a crime, but we decided to commit the crime anyway because I forgot to pack the lunch earlier, the wind was blowing me off, and we were tired. After replenishing in the Curry Villege, we went to After Seven to finish off the day. It was my turn to lead. It was so much fun to cruise the line.

We met up with Bill, Janelle, Chritine, and little Liam (Bill’s son). On Sunday, we slept in, had a 3 course breakfast, played with Liam. In the middle of the breakfast, Liam suddenly said to Bill, “Dad, I have a crush on you.” By the time we walked over to Swan Slab, it was already afternoon. we spent the whole afternoon on Lena’s Lieback (5.9) and its 5.10 variation. Talk about a relaxing weekend, huh?

Something you can’t do on a long multipitch climb. Janelle is enjoying the shade.

Christine and Liam, look this way… Well, obviously Liam is focused on his candy.

Dad, can you make sure you throw the frisbee into my hands?

Good job, dad! Good job!

Allen, you’ve got long legs. What about me? How am I supposed to do it?

Well, I guess this afternoon is not that relaxing to someone after all — someone needs a nap.