Sunday, October 31st, 2004

Halloween Climbing Birthday Party at Table Mountain

Next time if you wonder why Allen is ___ (you fill it the blank), just remember that he was born on Halloween and hopefully that would explain everything for you. A group of friends are coming out this Sunday to Grotto for climbing, for Holloween, for his birthday, and for partying.

Since we have to live Saturday to get to Sunday, we decide to spend a day at the Fissures in Table Mountain area (See A Climber’s guide to the Sonora Pass Highway, by Young et al). It is only 15 minutes away from Allen’s apartment. With Allen leading and me following, we work our way up: Back Stage Pass (5.9), Repo Man (5.10d), Luminous Flesh Giants (5.11b), Structural Disintegration (5.11c), and High Resolution (5.11d). Matt from Allen’s gym joins us later and skips the 5.9 and 5.10d warmup routes. In the afternoon, Amy, Rocky, and Amy’s dog Ruby emerge from the talus field, but only have time to do the 5.9 before they have to go down. We reunion later in the evening for a grand Halloween Rock’n’Roll party in town.

The long awaited Sunday finally comes. When the sun rises, I see a cat woman in the mirror on the wall in front of me, and Allen of course transforms into the real himself — Spiderman. Soon after we arrive at the Grotto, another cat woman (Kirsten), a gecko (Debby), a green monster (Darrell), a cat man (Daniel) show up along with a bunch of humans and a few dogs. The Grotto probably have never seen so many creatures moving around on a same day. Oh, Darrell has something to say and show about that day here.

The highlight of the party is the cake — Amy has single handedly baked the cake and even gave the cake a funny face. Aren’t these — climbing, Halloween, birthday, partying — all about fun?

Saturday – the Fissures

Allen concentrating on Luminous Flesh Giants.

Does this look High Resolution? Need a better camera.

Can you find me in this matrix of blocks?

Amy is a professional photographer and I guess only she can come up with such interesting composition.

Sunday – the Grotto

Return of the Spikerman!

Amy, the flower.

Darrell, the green monster.

What’s that rope doing there? Gecko don’t need no rope!

At least Daniel’s head is warm.

That cute smile goes well with the cute ears.

A vertical race.

And here is the cake. I wonder if Allen actually picks his nose often.