Sunday, July 17th, 2005

Rafting Cache Creek

I was still recovering from the trip to Wyoming and Colorado, so it was a nice change to get on a relaxing rafting trip. I was invited to this trip by my friend Stan. When I rode up with Roy, Phil, and Rich, we naturally formed a team to fill a four man raft. The trip was organized by White Water Adventures. They could accommodate up to 300 people on a trip like this. I was told that there were about 250 people on our trip.

Since many people had been doing this trip every year for a few years, they knew what they were getting into — they came well equipped with the most powerful squirt guns you could find out there. I was glad that we had three in our rafts and our guys were great fighters, which meant we got squirted a lot. It was a good thing as it did get really hot on the river.

If you are interested in going next year, let me know. I’ll make sure you get the invitation.


All the photos are available here. Following are eight of them.