Saturday, January 19th, 2008

A Perfect Day of Social Climbing at Discovery Wall

[Note: This trip report was first posted to the Pinnacles Forum.]

F4, Squiddo, Strom, Debby and I piled into F4’s car and we arrived at the upper parking lot on the west side around 8:15am. Wow, we were the first car there! A few minutes later, Mike A. showed up. F4 and I had only mentioned the trip to him on Tuesday in the gym and he said that he might join. I was quite touched that he had such faith in us.

It was a sunny day at the Pins; therefore, Discovery Wall enjoyed its popularity. Ordeal, Wet Kiss, Big Pucker, Stupendous Man, Lithium, Broken Arrow, Jorgies Crack, Jorgies Arete, Powerpoint, the Verdict saw ascents or attempts from our party.

Climbing was followed by beer drinking in the parking lot, but the day didn’t end until we were fed at a Korean Tofu House in Cupertino.

We were the earliest. Here is the proof.

Mike doing Wet Kiss.

Debby having a hard time putting the past below her.

Squiddo’s Ordeal.

F4 near the top of Broken Arrow

Nice dogs…Dogs Huh? Shocked

At One point, I decide to wiggle my neck. So I look to my left and then to my right.

Hmmm… Debby gets comfortable zzzzZZZZ

Quiz time. Name this climb.

On the way out, I first asked Debby, “Do you want help carrying that rope? It looks awkward on you.” Two minutes later, Mike A asked. Another two minutes later, Strom walked up and asked the same question. So, I told Debby I had to take a picture of that rope and she happily cooperated.

This is what social climbing is about. BTW, that pink cooler belongs to F4.

And he really likes it.

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