Monday, January 28th, 2008

Make the Best of a Rainy Day

Climb at Pins on Saturday and ride Hamilton on Sunday.

That’s what would have happened if it had not turned out to be another rainy weekend. Instead, Strom went to work on Saturday, and I sank into our couch whole day and worked on my website. To balance it out, I designed a full day workout program for Sunday and put the open invitation out on the forum. I was expecting enthusiastic interests from people all over the Bay Area — aren’t the masters of mud supposed to be active people so they can make fun of couch potatoes? As it turned out, everyone actually had a life.

Strom and I arrived at the gym at 8:30am (I almost never go to work that early!). The one hour spinning class was taught by a girl with legs bigger than a tree trunk and wearing shorts that had “Death Ride” printed on the sides. She was strong and really good — she had an insanely fast spin while sprinting that I could not mimic no matter how hard I tried. By the end of the class, our spinners and we were all floating in the puddles of sweat we produced. Oh and I finally got to meet Strom’s friend Jocelyn whom I kept hearing about. I look forward to mountain biking with her some day.

The spinners before the class.

After a shower, it was time to eat. According to the plan, I would jog to the Deli at Marina Market in Cupertino (5.1 miles). Before I stepped out of the gym, I saw the sunshine outside, so I happily applied sun block and put on my sunglasses. But by the time I started jogging, the sun disappeared behind some thick clouds and it started raining again. Dangit! Immediately, I felt fatigue in my legs. But as I got used to the rhythm, I started feeling better. I think the fatigue was still there, but I just got used to it. The rain actually made the air smell fresh despite the traffic next to me. Strom took the car and he stopped on the way and took some photos of me running like what only a model husband would have done.

Half of the time, I had to jog on the sidewalk.
The last few steps.

When we walked into the Deli, I had a feeling that it was a mistake. It was really chaotic and loud. But I was starving and was ready to stuff myself so that I could eat every single calorie back that I had lost in the past few hours. And that was exactly what I did. But the noise obviously got on Strom’s nerves and he ate quitely and excused himself as soon as he was done eating and stepped outside while I worked on my second round. Oh, I guess we would not go back there again in the future. But my stomach was satisfied when I got out.

Did I say it was chaotic?

So, we headed back the gym. F4 and Jenny walked up while we pulled into the parking lot. Perfect timing. Later, Landshark and his little baby showed up too for some cilmbing. Then we saw Joe on the floor. It was crowded in the gym, but we had a fun session.

Jake guarding a stroller
Look, there is actually a baby in it. A cute one too.

Strom and I attended the yoga class at 4pm as I had planned. The stretching was just what we needed after a day of workout.

The highlight of the day though was the curry chicken that Jenny made for us. Hmmm… yummy!

That was the best rainy day I have ever had. Cheesy

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