Friday, February 29th, 2008

Happy bday geezer!

Erik’s friend pretty much summed it up. It was his birthday yesterday. We went to Gochi, a Japanese restaurant in Cupertino, with our friends Erik and Jenny. We all loved the food there. My favorite were bbq eel on thin crust pizza, braised pork in cripy rice clay pot, and all the desserts. Plus, everyone takes their shoes off before being seated. That’s kind of neat. I could tell you more about our dining experience, but there have been plenty of reviews written online about the restaurant and their food (e.g check out yelp).

Today is the 29th of February. Erik claims that it’s still his birthday — the 29th is just an extension of the 28th that happens once every four years. Hmmm… guess I’ll have to think of something to celebrate his birthday (again).