Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Happy Halloween!

(Text Messaging Inbox)
Message 22: Happy Halloween!
Message 23: Er uh, Valentine’s.

From? Oh, who else!

We did not go out to a nice dinner. We did not buy each other expensive presents. Instead, we went to the climbing gym tonight. He and I do not always climb in the same gym. He goes to Sunnavale and I go to Belmont. But tonight, he drove up to meet me. We celebrated this special day by doing something special — we kissed each other after every climb. No, not the kind of kisses that make people want to turn their heads away. It was just the light kisses on the lips. That’s all we need to remind ourselves that we are here togther enjoying some activity that we both feel passionate about.

Plus I led a climb successfully that I fell off before. That made a very nice Valentine’s Day! 😆