Saturday, November 29th, 2008

MTB: Skeggs with Andrew

Erik was itching to go to Pinnacles. Pinns is great, but the type of climbing that Erik had in mind did not appeal to me much — he wanted to go new routing, which meant standing in one position hand drilling for hours. So, when his buddy Gilbert text messaged him about going to Pinns, I was as supportive as a wife could be, “yes, honey, you should go. Oh, don’t worry about me, I’ll be just fine.”  Having the Saturday free, it was quite easy to commit to a Skeggs ride that Andrew from work suggested.

Since I let Erik take my CR-V, I rode up to Skeggs on my mountain bike — a good warm up. It was a little over thirty miles in total, with 20 miles on the road both ways.  Andrew parked his car on the ocean side of Purisma Creek and rode over to meet me. An ex-racer, he’s all about good warmups.  We did some fun single tracks at Skeggs together with him bolting ahead on every trail and waiting for me at every intersection, but that’s pretty much how everybody rides with me. Hehe. Although I would have liked to ride further, I told Andrew that I would conserve my energy for my next day’s 10k attempt at Coe.  He had a cross race he was contemplating the next day, so it did not seem to be too big of a disappointment for him that we only rode 10 miles at Skeggs.

While riding at Skeggs, I ran into Erik’s old time friend Jocelyn. And later at another intersection, I ran into two guys, one recoganized me from my MTBR posts and the other shared an intersection at Skeggs with me earlier this year. Small world.

Andrew demonstrates fast riders do not carry a camelpack.

It was a nice day for motorcycle riders too. In front of Alice’s Restaurant.

Our ride on MTBGuru.