Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Climbing: Surprise, Surprise! (Mt St. Helena)

The twisted story was posted to the forum.

The real story is, Jenny, knowing that her husband would prefer climbing with friends over a romantic getaway for his birthday weekend, invited Erik and me as part of the surprise. While researching on climbing at St Helena, I contacted Jerry for the most up-to-date topo and extended the invitation to him too since he is a friend of both Eriks'. It was a beautiful day climbing at St. Helena. After that, we had a relaxing dinner before headed back to our hotel in Calistoga.

Photos are upload to the gallery.  Here are a few highlights:

That's not my hat.

F4 says the approach sucks.

A happy baby.

A happy baby's father.

Look at those thighs. A future cyclist.

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