Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Road Biking: W Alpine and OLH climbs

Our spin class instructor Peggy has been trying to hook her husband Jim up with us, who I think is a Cat 2 rider. She emailed us saying that Jim wanted to ride Bohlman and Black with us on Sunday afternoon. However, after we replied, we have not heard back. I just did an epic Coe ride yesterday and am feeling lazy today. However, for whatever reason, Erik thought going for a ride was what would make me happy even though he himself was feeling lazy too; and I thought a ride would make him happy since he worked whole day yesterday. That’s what happens when there is miscommunication — we go out and ride.

Late start, so we hit our usual route to climb W Alpine and OLH. My legs were dead. Erik did not have the PR drive in him either. So, we just peddled along. Both our times on OLH were almost two minutes slower than our PRs. We survived the ride just before it started getting dark. This time we went down Page Mill (instead of Hwy 84) and did a short out and back on Moody Road.

Okay, I guess I’m happy that we rode. It was just too nice of a day to have stayed in the house.

Distance (mi)     34.4
Total Ascent (ft)    4426
Moving Time    02h 45m 16s
Stopped Time    00h 06m 59s