Thursday, January 1st, 2009

MTB: Start 2009 at UCSC and Wilder

So, due to our scheduling mistakes, we moved our potluck with Sean and Steve’s families to the first day of 2009.  Because it would be at Sean’s place in Santa Cruz, we decided to go for a ride before the party. Sean had been riding there for years, so he made a perfect guide. It was my first time riding UCSC and I really enjoyed it. The trails there reminded me of the whoopy-de-doo ride at the lower part of McKenzie River Trail. At one log crossing, my front tire washed out on the slippery tree trunk and I crashed. No damage was done tranks to my knee and elbow pads. I’d like to go back there soon.

Photos are posted in the gallery. Following are a few highlights.

  An interesting tree

A Christmas tree on the trail

Erik and Sean at Wilder Ranch. Did you notice Sean’s calves?

We watched the sunset from this log on Wilder Ranch.

9.27 miles and 734′ ascent (click the image for full size topo).