Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Climbing: Pinnacles Rockpile Rendezvous

April 4 – Rockpile Rendezvous at Pinnacles National Monument

A beautiful day. Jim, his brother Bill, Mud, and I carpooled over and arrived early (~8:10am). Saw Bruce and Clint at Moses Sprint parking lot setting up their display before they were headed to Discovery Wall for some rebolting. We spent the day at Discovery Wall climbing at a leisurely pace. Jack, a climber from DC visiting the area for work teamed up with me. We put him on Wet Kiss, Big Pucker, Stupendous Man, Broken Arrow, and the Verdict. He seemed like he had a great day. When we hiked down, the displays were already torn down, but we got to hang out at the parking lot with everyone, well, almost everyone.

A few pics from our gallery:

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