Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Cats: A Harmonious Society (家里的和谐社会) (II)

A Harmonious Society (家里的和谐社会) (I)

今天我开门放她们出去玩。两个丫头玩得一身土回来。只好给她们洗了生平第一次澡。不容易呀。Today, I let them out to play. They had lots of fun in the dirt, but a bath was in order when they returned home. It was not an easy battle. Whenever they touched water, they tried to climb up and cling on my clothes when dripping wet. Two sets of my clothes were soaked. But thankfully, they did not hate me for it.

刚刚出浴的小家伙。 Little One just out of a bath.

然后她们就挤到一起取暖去了。Guess they feel warm this way after a bath.

突然她们对门外定睛凝视。Suddenly, they stared into the yard intensely.

原来院子里来了稀客。这是什么鸟?We have a guest in the yard. What bird is this?

突然想起,昨天在路上骑自行车,突然发现这只美丽孔雀傲然站在路边栅栏上。当时我只有手机用来照相。It reminded me that yesterday I saw this peacock standing on a fence by the road on my road ride.

以下是今天的几个影视小片段。Following are a few video clips from today.