Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

MTB: Purisima->Skeggs->Purisima without the Rear Brake

No, I was not that crazy, but Erik was!

We parked at Gate PC05 of the Purisima Creek Open Space (i.e. on the Half Moon Bay side).  It was a gradual but continuous hill climb towards El Corte De Madera. Erik found out that his rear brake was gone because the pin that held the lever had fallen out (the second time within the past month, argh!), but he didn’t mention it. I didn’t find out until we already got to Skeggs.  I suggested turning back, but he didn’t want to cut the ride short. Okay, how about you ride my bike and I wait here for you to get the car? Vetoed. Boy, my husband is stobourn! So he did the entire ride without his rear brake. And amazingly he did not go over the bar. What a lucky guy! (Well, he married me! Or, but he married me!)


Purisima Creek Trail
R: Borden Harch Mill Trail
R: Purisima Creek Trail
Exit Gate PC04
L: Tunitas Creek Road (pavement)
R: Star Hill Road (pavement)
Enter Gate CM07
L: El Corte De Madera Creek Trail
S: Resolution Trail (He session the roots and I watched)
L: Fir Trail
R: Manzanita Trail
R: Timberview Trail (We stopped to admire the Old Growth Redwood)
R: Giant Salamander Trail
R: North Leaf Trail
Exit Gate CM 07
R: Star Hill Road (pavement)
L: Tunitas Creek Road (pavement)
Enter Gate PC04
Purisima Creek Trail
L: Borden Harch Mill Trail (We wanted to save the Purisima Creek Trail for a surprise next time)
L: Purisima Creek Trail

After that, we went for the delicious food at Flying Fish Grill.

That’s the rear brake, on the left because that’s how they run it on motorcycles.