Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Road: Raised $2.49 on my Solo Ride Today

I signed on to Plus 3 Network more than a year ago, but last time I tried, it had issues with my GPS, so I hadn’t tried again … until today. And it worked seamlessly this time. Whoohoo.

I elected Breast Cancer Foundation as the cause to support when I signed up. It’s a good cause. But I think next time they open up the changes, I’ll switch over to IMBA to support because it’s just a bit closer to my heart.

Erik went to Pinnacles to meet Brad for a winter ascent , a tradition that had gone on for more than a decade. Despite their invite, I figured they could spend the quality time alone and decided not to join them. It turned out they did have a third wheel, Phil, who was a pleasant company.

I, inspired by yesterday nice weather, planned on a long road ride. Up W. Alpine, down Page Mill, up Old La Honda East, down OLH west to La Honda Road (Hwy 84), up Hastings Grade to Pescadero, then Stage Road. By then, I was feeling a bit lonely and missed company. Plus, the weather was way too gray, so I took Hwy 84 and came home.  Nice thing about a ride that did not take whole day was the afternoon nap. zzzzzZZZZZ. It felt so good!