Sunday, August 1st, 2010


Little One's Report: Daddy did not come home this weekend…

听妈咪说爹地这个周末去和老朋友攀岩,所以这两个晚上是我们女人的世界,我们真高兴呀。我们其实很喜欢和爹地妈咪一起温馨,可是经常我和他们一起跳上床后 过一会,爹地就会突然坐起来冲着我瞪眼,吓得我一个激灵就跑走了。其实不就是我给自己舔毛舔得稀里哗啦的吗,有什麽大不了的,爹地说他受不了那个声音。呵 呵,还好妈咪吃饭不会吧唧吧唧的,否则爹地连饭都没法吃了。所以现在我习惯了,想上床就等他们睡着了后悄悄地跳到妈咪那边去。然后爹地醒了,我再跑走。芒 果嘛,她是我的小跟屁虫。可是妈咪经常很遗憾地说她更喜欢有我陪伴着入睡。其实爹地蛮体贴的,他去上班很早,所以他起来后出门前经常会找到我,把我抱到妈 咪身旁,呼噜呼噜我的毛,让我跟还在睡觉的妈咪作伴。其实他不知道,即使他不抱我来,多半我在他走后会自己去找妈咪的。

Mommy told us that daddy went rocking climb with his buddy, so this weekend belong to us. I'm so glad to hear that. I love daddy, but he doesn't like it when I groom myself. He says I make slurping noises that drive him nuts. So, if I come to bed, I wait until they have fallen asleep and then I jump on mommy's side. But now that he is gone, mommy happily brings her laptop into bed and watch a movie while we watch it with her from the other side of the screen.

We all went to sleep late after the movie, so we all sleep in. But mommy wakes up first, so she picks up her iPhone and starts to take pictures.


Once I wake up, I love to cuddle up with mommy in her arm. I like to press my back against her arm, but I also like to hug her arm. Basically, I love her very tanned arm dearly. Mm…


Only two days, mommy has already complained. Because we are so cute and adorable, she has a very hard time getting out of bed. Everyday, she spends more than half a day in bed with us and cannot get anything done. Well, being cute and adorable, we can't really help it, can we?!


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