Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Ride, Food, Movie… Two Weekends in a Row

I really don’t have anything to complain about.

Last Saturday was the get-together with Sean and Stephen and their families. Sean and Jennifer hosted the gathering at their place in Santa Cruz. Our host took Stephen, Erik, and me on a ride from his house to UCSC and Wilder. Following a local through UCSC was a bonus and some secrete trails were explored. For that reason, the track is not to be posted. Just trust me, it was fun! Sean put Stephen on his 29er hardtail. Later Stephen’s wife told us that after they returned home, Stephen was heard murmuring “I’m not joining the 29er cult, I’m NOT joining the 29er cult, I’m NOT joining…” He seems to be trying pretty hard there.

We enjoyed the potluck while watching the movie Ratatouille projected on a screen in Sean’s backyard. I don’t know how I had missed this movie before, but it was a great one for all ages to enjoy.

Erik and I didn’t get home until almost midnight after the party and that warranted sleeping in the next day. We went for a quick ride at Skeggs. Despite having all the intention of recording our ride on my GPS (for a project of mine), I forgot to bring the GPS with me. We enjoyed the ride regardless.

Fast forward…

A week passed, and it was Saturday again. This time, Erik was on call. Geared up to do the yard work, he pushed me out of the door to go for a ride. I followed the ride recommended on Passion Trail Bikes’ website. Short, but loaded with goodies.

The yard looked neat when I got home. After washing up, we went to Downtown Redwood City. We had a delightful dinner at Citrine Bistro before the much anticipated movie, Inception. Wow, that movie was intense! Next day, I forgot what Erik and I were talking about and suddenly he asked, “how do you know we are not in a dream?” My answer to him, “Maybe we are! But if we are stuck in this layer, we just have to live it.”

BTW, he did manage his version of Inception. See my next blog post.