Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Introduce an Old Member of the Family — Roxie

It seems that I have not officially introduced Roxie, who has been with us since last May, although I did talk about her in this post.  After she came home that time, she stayed. On average, I let the kitties outside to play two to three times a week. They would all come home either on their own after a couple of hours (I always leave the sliding door open) or when I call. Yes, they ALL come home.

Prior to her adoption, she lived on our deck for many months (in a shelter we put together for her). We witnessed her fend her food against a group of raccoons and at another time, even chased an adult raccoon across the yard. We called her a bad@ss girl.

Yet, she is the sweetest little thing and would roll at our feet while being petted.
She has been a lap cat since day one she came in the house.

I feel so lucky to have Roxie… and Little One and Mango, these three most wonderful creatures in my life.