Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Truckee Double: Hole in the Ground and Super D from Martis Peak

Morning Ride: Hole in the Ground Loop (15.8 mile / 2,473′)

Track: Strava, MTBGuru, Garmin Connect

Had some time in the morning before meeting our friend Catherine to be done with her work. She and Erik climbed together for quite a while and she kicked, and still kick, butt! One of the Erik’s Climbing the Nose in a Day super feats was with Catherine!

Didn’t linger much on this loop due to time constraint, but I ran into adventuregirl (form MTBR) and her friends and had a chat. It was about a dozen riders, with more women than men. I had to explain to some ladies that it was perfectly fine for my hubby to be riding ahead and having fun riding at his own pace. (I carry essential repair tools and know enough about bike mechanics that I can perform trail side repairs if needed to. Worse comes to worst, pushing or even carrying a bike out is not the end of the world.) Not sure if it registered with them or not.

Simply cannot ride by the vista without snapping a picture.

Strava comments on Mud’s ride:

Roy Ross  I wish I was there. You guys can’t resist going back. Fun ride I bet! How was the weather? It was 100 in Coe. You missed a scrorcher.

 Mud Crud  Weather was good. I bit hot and muggy but not nearly 100. Was not looking forward to the road aspect but it turned out to be a very nice morning ride. Lot’s of people out there.


Afternoon Ride: Truckee Super D from Martis Peak (22.3 mi/2,080′)

Track (Last 5 miles on private trails are cropped): Strava, MTBGuru

Strava Comments:

  1. mudworm ~Really felt the three previous rides in the legs. This “Super D” is definitely a XC ride and has a fair share of climbing, some pretty intense; or, maybe because I was just really tired. But Catherine, being a top level athlete, was able to stay right with Erik and still able to talk ALL THE TIME. I think Erik pushed himself a bit just because of the pressure. Oh boy, I had to work not to get dropped! But oh man, oh man, the descents are so fun!!! I strongly recommend this route to everyone.

  2. Roy RossI want to be there. I love the Tahoe area. I go more regler if’n I could. Damn.

  3. mudworm ~View from Martis Lookout:

  4. Mike ‘MrCrash’ SolisI’ve heard about this. I’m guessing you had vehicles at the start and finish points? Hoping to give this a go next time I’m up there 🙂

  5. tahoe backcountryLets just say there are much funner shuttles off Martis peak than that one 😉

  6. mudworm ~I cropped last 5 miles on private trails that led us to Catherine’s place. See this link for the original track.

    @Roy, be brave and be the initiator! I’d go more often if I could too. Don’t you hate those people who have a 2nd residence in Tahoe? Okay, maybe not hate, but I’m definitely jealous!

    @Mike, get the original track. Knowing that climbing will not upset you, I think you’ll enjoy the ride.

    @TahoeBC, oh you Dirty Harry! That’s one downhill run’s name that came up, but we didn’t know where it was and where it ended up, so we stuck to my planned route. Let’s just say you’ll not get away mentioning “much funner shuttles” and not telling the details. Be assured that you’ll get an email from me before I return to Truckee next time. 🙂

  7. tahoe backcountryA great 3 ride shuttle up there is 267 (Brockway Summit) on the TRT to Missing Link, followed by Dirty Harry (extend to Airport) & then the Tyrolean downhill for desert!

    But nothing wrong with your point to point, very nice!


At Martis Lookout with Lake Tahoe in the background

At Martis Lookout with Lake Tahoe in the background

Start of the TRT trail head.

Start of the TRT trail head.

Camera in the tree

Camera in the tree

Mud got flat and Stans went dry.

Mud got flat and Stans went dry.

Cemera on the handlebar

Camera on the handlebar