Friday, April 5th, 2013

Cats & Dogs: I’m lonely and I’m scared

Ok, now, I’m tired.


Did you just rob a bank, sweetie?


I dare you touch any of this.


How do you sing “do-re-mi” in meows?


A training buddy


Why does the dog always lose?


What? You brought treats home?




Is it Halloween yet?


Let me put my arm, no leg, around you.


Conflicted advice?






Poor screen.


They are talking to each other!


Somebody help me!


A cat in a box!


Smart dog!


Let me brush myself.


Mmmm… mmm… mmm…



A little slow there, kitty?


I’m stuck.


A Street Cat Named Bob. He’s famous! (I’m gonna buy that book.)


Let me give you a hand.


oh oh oh, alright, let me give you a hand.


Life is good.


The ultimate trick to get in on the food.


What the heck?




A dog walks a horse.

I have a cold.


That’s what happens when you look handsome. (Personal note: not my cup of tea.)


Let me help you with the cake.


I don’t like to bathe.


It’s the angle. You can actually see the ribs.



Mommy, he pooped on the floor!!!


Mommy, mommy, wait for me…



Who has littered puppies all over the floor?



I’m lonely. I’m scared.


Disclaimer: The original source of this collection is here . I just want share the fun with Mr. Mud who cannot read Chinese, so all I did was some quick translation (or creation when I didn’t know how to translate).