Saturday, May 25th, 2013

MTB: Coe under Full Moon! My first night ride.

Thanks to Skyline35, I did my first night ride. It was very fun. If I could figure out a way not to have headaches the next day after staying up late, I would do more of it.

Just played with Picasa photo editing. Might have gone a little over board with the boarders. Oops.  Tongue

Images taken while riding up Jim Donnelly Trail.

At the top of JDT. The sun was setting.

Whoohoo, my first night ride.

This is what it took for Charlie to acquire his full moon shot.

This is the best shot I got from my phone.

P.S. There is a tree down on Timm Trail, and the go around was fairly laborious.

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I especially like this panoramic shot from him: