Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

MTB: Mendocino 50 Miler (+ navi miles) on one tiny Egg McMuffin (not enough!)

Vacationing in Mendo and found this route. Despite the GPS track, there were still lots of out&backs and stoppings trying to make sense of the “off course” alerts. Forgot to pack any trail food and sports supplements for the trip. Was surprised to see how tiny an Egg McMuffin was at the trail head. I got one and Mr. Mud got two. We were hurting so bad later part of the ride. Was using water to quench the hunger and both ran out 10 miles before the end (forgot our filter either). I had a spectacular fall where I slid down the steep hill side with the bike on top of me for almost 30 feet. That was < half way into the ride, but thankfully, only my ego and legs were bruised.

Ok, now the good part. It was a great route. Lots of fireroad in the beginning, but then it got better. Would recommend, and will want to return (with sufficient food and water).

The track can be downloaded from Garmin Connect.