Monday, August 8th, 2016

Home Improvement Tip: Hide that paper towel

Trying to explain this system to a friend I invented when we did the kitchen remodel, I decided to just put it in a post. I love it every minute and am proud to have come up with the idea. It’s so simple too. You just need a drill, a jigsaw, and a wall mount paper towel holder. Mr. Mud did it in a few minutes.

You might want to invest in a better paper towel holder than what I have here though. What I have here does not have clearance for the very fat rolls that some brand offers. My Trader Joe’s brand paper towel works alright, but you feel the friction while pulling down when the roll is fresh because the roll touches the holder in the back.

View from below the wall cabinet
You can still use the space in the cabinet.
You first drill a hole on one side to start the jigsaw. Put a strip of wood against the back to guide the saw. Do it again with a different thickness of the strip.