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Okay, this page is about my husband Erik.

He is one of the most versatile outdoorsy people I have ever met. Having been active his entire life, he has a perfect body. (Disclaimer: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and plus, I probably should not talk about this on the internet. Press Backspace key 60 times.) His biggest youth hood passion was soccer, but as injuries stacked up on him, it has been gradually replaced by rock climbing. While not playing soccer or climbing, he did, in various stages of his life, and/or is still doing wrestling, scuba diving, running, mountain biking, bicycling. As far as I can tell, he is pretty good at those things, especially on the endurance aspect. He is a guy who doesn’t mind suffering when it comes to sports. I met him through rock climbing. Then after I broke my finger (while moving a TV set), he got me into scuba diving, road biking, and then mountain biking in 2007. We have had many adventures together.

Mud ‘N Crud ( is a domain name that Erik has had for many years. I don’t know why he chose it, but it seems quite appropriate — he likes getting muddy. His favorite place for rock climbing is Pinnacles National Monument. It probably surprises many people who knows a little about rock climbing in the area considering that we are only four hours away from Yosemite. And to a lot people, the rocks at Pinnacles are no better than piles of mud ‘n crud, especially after some rains. But he enjoys the remoteness and the beauty Pinnacles offers once he adventures into the wilderness. I have learned that he is not alone in being obsessed with Pinnacles. If you browse Masters of Mud forum, you will find a bunch of weird people gathering there swapping mumbles. Believe it or not, it’s sometimes quite entertaining to watch.

As you might have noticed, there is some similarity in the looks of his site and mine. It was shortly after we started merging our lives together when he asked me to help migrating his forum to a different platform (for the technically curious mind, Simple Machine Forum). While doing it, I did a major makeover of his site and thought that it will become OUR site — WE will have one voice and WE will make updates together. This turned out to be one of my many naive expectations of how a couple’s relationship should work. As I learned later on, a man like Erik always needs to have his own space and needs to have control of his own space, be it in the cyber world. So, I decided to back off from my control of his site and instead work on my own. But I did choose to go with a similar look and feel. After all, we are a family.

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