Sunday, July 8th, 2007

Another MTB ride at Bear Valley

[Note: This is my trip report posted on the forum.]

Another fun day! Strom and I camped near Bear Valley and met up with Delbomber, Nick, YETITIME, and my friend Melissa (I climbed with her three years ago). Uncle Stinky swang by and said hi. (Uncle Stinky, we met this really nice lady coming down from Cape Horn and had a nice little chat with her. But our oxygen depleted brains did not register that she was your wife, Katie, until an hour later. I guess I just did not expect to see her so soon. Did she ride out and back? We have to ride together someday.)

The course we took was pretty much the same that Uncle Stinky took us on last Sunday except that we did not do the Osborn Ridge Trail, but rather came down back to the multi-use trail and headed back to the car. Per my GPS, it was about 13 miles in total. There are quite a few photos from this trip. Please visit the Gallery for the complete album. Here are just a few highlights.

Before the ride

After the ride — show us your helmet head

Oh wait. Nick was not smiling. There. Much better…

What do you say? You think Delbomber is hating it?

At Cape Horn, the brave few came down the rocks following various lines.
Delbomber came down first
Then Strom rode down before I had chance to hand him the knee pads.
YETITIME actually took the trail, which is not easy either.
Here comes Melissa. See how professional she looks?

I’d like to post more photos, but it’s getting a bit late. Again, see all the photos at the Gallery.