Sunday, July 1st, 2007

MTB ride at Bear Valley on Sunday

[Note: We hooked up with Uncle Stinky and he gave us a MTB tour of Bear Valley. I posted this TR on the forum.]

An awesome tour indeed. Uncle Stinky (Jeff S.) is great! To us, he is a god-send. The MTB guidebook in the sports shop is sold out. The trails in the area are more than confusing. Jeff is a talking guidebook. He knows every trail and every rock in the area. We are so lucky to have hooked up with him (thanks to THIS forum). Smiley

We did a little over 15 miles. If it were just Jeff and Strom, they could have easily covered twice as much ground. But they talked about climbing and biking and stuff while waiting for me, and did not seem to mind the wait so much. They were both extremely patient.

I think we did Emmigrant, North Pine, South Pine, Slick Rock, Osborn Ridge trails. Some sections were a little too technical for me. So I went either really slow, or just walked. Strom and I were both impressed with Jeff’s technique. He rode through lots of tough sections.

For all the photos, please visit the gallery. Following are just a few.

Uncle Stinky led us to many vista points for great scenery.

Uncle Stinky took great photos. His framing is unique.

Uncle Stinky is always smiling.

Here is our course. Click on the image for its full size.