Sunday, August 24th, 2008

MTB: Tamarancho with Dirt Divas

Christine and Erin led a ride at Tamarancho in Marin. There were thirteen of us total who showed up.  The ride is pretty much a loop, and we went the “easier” way.  Still, there are quite a few sections, either due to roots, pointy rocks, or rounded rocks, that are challenging to most of us. Janet called it Tamarocko at one point, which sounded quite fitting.  Many of us had lunch at M&Gs up the road from Java Hut. I wish we had a burger place like that in the Penninsula.

I brought my new Canon SD870IS  on the ride. Having been used to the high quality shots from our bulky Olympus Ultrazoom C-770, I was quite disappointed in seeing the end results. However, for what it’s worth, I uploaded all my photos to my gallery.  Mainly, the people in the pictures came out too dark in contrast to the sunny background. Maybe I should take some classes on digital photographing so I do not rely on the Auto mode.  Anyway, I apologize for the disappointing photo quality.

Most of the ride, I hung in the middle, so naturally, I took more photos of those around me or behind me.  There is no favoritism here. You are all my favorite! 🙂

Amrit and Ravi: They are Cindy’s guest divas, and they are going to Whistler in a week. How exciting!

Christine: Our ride leader. We met her hubby, Tonjy, and kids before the ride.

Cindy: The diva who is in Dirt Rag magazine, i.e. she is a celebrity.

DeeDee (Doutschan): Cindy’s guest diva. A quiet guy. What do you other girls think?

Erin: Our ride leader too. We heard that her place is heaven to any cyclist.

Janet: I’d much rather be reading her version of the ride report.

Jill: Don’t be fooled by her nick name, DH Jill. She is very good at up hill too, esp. when it’s littered with roots and rocks.

Karla: Cheerful, and strong. You will never need to look back to check where she is because you can always hear her.

Lesley: She learned something from her fall off a bridge, a fall that could have had much worse result. Yet, she walked away from it like in a miracle.

Liona (Lior): Jill’s guest diva. He made killer hummus. Mmmm, killer!

Mathilda (Matt): Cindy’s guest diva.

Mei: The bad photographer.

Group shots:

This is our ride that starts from the entrance to Deer Park (where we used the bathrooms) and ends at Java Hut in town where we parked.