Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

MTB: Wanted to Show Off, but Got Shown Off!

The season is ending soon (we’ll be gone for two weeks), so I decided to write a report before it’s too late. I’ve gotten so much (friendship, practice, lessons) from these rides that it’s past due for me to show my appreciation in writing.

It was 89 degrees outside when I drove to the shop at 6pm. You would think people would like to stay inside and eat ice cream whole evening; however, it was again another big turn out.

I rolled up next to Berry. My first ride this March with the shop to Water Dog was with Berry’s group, and I remember I walked a lot of it causing the group to wait. So, after that I joined the FBG rides for the next two or three weeks and in the mean time, I kept visiting the park on my bike during lunch breaks twice a week, so when I re-joined Berry’s group rides, I had gained a lot more confidence. Since that, I’ve been a regular in his group rides.

Today, Berry said he was feeling feisty on his new 49er, which was a slip that we caught and made fun of, so he decided to climb Elevator Trail today. That’s one of the toughest climbs in the park because it’s continuously steep and despite being a fire road, it often only offers one narrow line that provides decent traction. I was almost happy when I heard that. First of all, I always liked challenging climbs even if I couldn’t clear them 100%. Secondly, I have been on it four times with Bryn for the past couple of months, and I did climb it successfully the second time while being close the third and fourth times, so I might have a chance tonight. “Imagine how impressed people will be if I clear it tonight…” Unfortunately, I came off near the start of the steep climb, worse than any of my previous attempts. I guess that’s the punishment I get for having the wrong motive. As Patty later wittily put it, I wanted to show off, but instead, I was shown off.

Back at the shop, when I asked Daryl if he could take a group up Elevator next week, he said, with excitement, “Deal!” (I do wonder if it’s like cheating if he takes his brand new Ibis Mojo on the ride.)

I brought my camera along to document tonight’s ride.

A big turnout at the shop despite the hot temperature.

Charles and Jen were riding on a tandem, something always fascinating to me. I missed a good shot when they came up Upper Creek Canyon, but my group had started rolling towards DMC.

At the gate with Berry in the front.

Elevator Trail shut many people down.

But as our governor once said, “I will be back!”

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  1. Beckyon 26 Sep 2008 at 11:05 pm

    Enjoyed reading your report. We’ve all be humbled at some point. Except for the Terminator.