Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Did we get Garfield’s sister?

Yesterday, I sent Erik a text message in the morning who left for work before I did:

     Me: Little One was playing with one of her toy mice when I left.
     Erik: Holy Cow! Is she all right?

Yep, that pretty sums up our Little One. She is sweet, she is cuddly, but she does not play. At least, she does not go out of her way to play in order to please us.  We have scattered three gray mice and three white mice on the floor. The three gray ones have been hidden by her somewhere; and the three white mice have been bitten or chewed. So, she has been entertaining herself, but it was not for a show. When we are around, she does not move much. She spaces out. Just like Garfield.

I have not read many Garfield cartoons or watched any Garfield movies, but he left a deep impression on me, which has been nicely summed up by this blog: The key to Garfield’s personality is not that he is simply lazy and grouchy, but his determination to be as lazy as possible. He doesn’t just space out like a normal person, but plans and makes an effort to space out.

She’s only one year old, still a kitten. All kittens play right? I tie a little mouse to the end of a string and swing it around her. I move it left, right, up, and down, into her face, or into her paws. My shoulder gets sore, and she will not even look at the mouse. Instead, she looks up at me, which makes me feel quite silly.

Then someone suggested a laser chaser saying all cats go crazy over a laser chaser. I went to PetsMart after work the same day and brought one home with my heart filled with hope. The most movement I got out of her so far was that her head followed the little red dot for a few seconds, and after that, she just stared into the space and … spaced out. It’s as if she has a lot of thoughts of her own. I’ll save the laser pointer for my next presentation at work. It’s in the shape of a mouse.

I’ve read positive reviews on Purrfect Feather Dancers and placed an order. According to the shipment tracking, I’ll receive the feather dancer today. I’m feeling a little anxious. Will it do the trick? Will I be seeing Little One jumping up and down chasing a small cluster of bird feathers?  We shall see…