Sunday, December 7th, 2008

My little devil! 我的小冤家呀!

I’m sleep deprived. That is because Little One meowed all night last night, first time we did not confine her to her own room, our bathroom. There is nothing wrong with her. She just wanted someone to play with her. When we went to bathroom in the middle of the night, she would run up to us and start purring. When we tried to ignore her, she just ran around the house including our bedroom jumping and meowing.

Today, we tried to keep her up during the day. I chased her out of her bed a couple of time. I know that was mean, but we need to break her backward schedule, don’t we? But all she did was find a safe spot like under the coffee table and sit there. I tried to play with her. The Feather Dancer that I ordered has not arrived yet. She does not seem to be interested in the gazillion little mice we scattered around the house for her. I tied one mouse to the end of a string and kept moving the mouse around until my shoulder was sore, she simple looked at the mouse, traced up the string, and stared at me with a look like she was saying “what are you doing there?” Even when the mouse was in her face or her paws, she would not move! Argh!  Either she is super smart, seeing right through the fake mouse trick, or she is really dumb.

In the evening, she went into the full-on napping mode. No matter what we did to her, she would not bother to wake up. For example, I could hold her front paws and rear paws and lift her up with the body dangling low, when I put her down, she went straight back to sleep without changing her position. It was quite comical.

As I’m typing (almost 10pm now), she is stretching next to my legs. It looks like finally, she is waking up. Her day is just starting.

昨晚没有把小家伙关在她的小房间里,这下我们可是吃了苦头。小家伙叫了一晚上,想找个人跟他玩。我们不理,她就各间屋挨个转悠,到了卧室,跳上床来踩一踩。被她吵得苦不堪言,可是她叫得那么嗲,真是让人跟她生不来气。今天周末我们在家, 试图让她保持醒着。她倒是一直在客厅趴着,可是对我在她面前晃悠的小老鼠是视而不见。我在那里晃悠小老鼠晃得肩膀酸,她不看小老鼠,就知道盯着我看,一动不动,心里一定在笑话我傻。唉。

傍晚她雷打不动地缩在摇摇椅里睡了。我们怎样折腾她都不醒,我们都商量着院子里挖个坑把她埋了算了。 哈哈,只是说说而已。她睡的可爱样,让人爱都爱不够呀。晚上九点多,她终于醒了。伸了十几个懒腰,去卫生间方便去了。估计她的夜间生活这就开始了。