Friday, December 5th, 2008

Little One, a new family member. 家里添了小家伙。

Her name is Little One, that’s the calling she responded to when she first time came into our house sniffing around last weekend. She was our neighbors’ cat and grew up with her sister, both about one year old now. I’ve posted their story before, in Chinese.) They had two litters two weeks apart this May and she was the better mom taking care of all the kittens. However, after our neighbors got her spayed recently, she became standoffish and no longer wants to have anything to do with our neighbors and their other remaining cats including her own sister.  Instead, she started coming to our back door whenever we were home and was not afraid to come in and loved to be petted. After some serious thoughts, my husband and I decided to adopt her and our neighbors were happy to hear about it because they couldn’t even touch her any more.

Our neighbors let their cats run free during the day and let them into the house at night. I think Little One has been sleeping under our shed recently. We decided to turn Little One into an indoor cat.  So, Tuesday night, we left her in the bathroom with her litter box, food, water, toys, and a sleeping cave (with heated Snuggle-Safe pad). At 2:30am, she managed to somehow turn the slippery door knob located 4 feet off the ground and broke loose.  After we turned the lights on, we found her sitting in the rocking chair. Lucky for us, she did not hate us for locking her up because we were able to approach her without any problem, pet her, and send her back to the bathroom.It’s been three days since we had her in the house. I’m getting to know her more. For example, I now know:

  • She meows softly, which makes her sound irresistibly adorable. Sometimes, her meows borderline squeeks that startle Erik and I from time to time.
  • Her front paws get in a kneading motion when she is petted and feeling comfortable, and she does that a lot. She had very sharp nails when we just got her, and it really hurt when she kneaded on our legs. So, I had to clip her nails, about which I was quite nervous. To my surprise and relief, she is not bothered by nail clipping at all. When I clipped her nails the first time, she just lay on my laps peacefully and let me move her paws however I liked. That made the task so much easier. Oh, Little One, I’m so proud of you!
  • She is a lap cat! My dream cat has always been one who can lie in my laps peacefully while I read a book, watch TV, or work on my computer. That’s exactly what she is doing right now.  She needs me, that is a great feeling, for me.
  • She loves to be petted. Anytime, if she sees that you are serious about spending time petting her, she would come out of her bed and walk up to you. She starts purring even before you move your fingers. One morning, when I went to the back deck to dump her trash, she managed to run outside when the sliding door was open. That was after she had been locked up in the bathroom at night and during the day when we were gone. Seeing her running around excitedly sniffing everything, my heart sank thinking I would not be able to get her back to the house easily. However, only after I waited for a couple of minutes, she came back to me and lay down wanting to be petted. I had no trouble picking her up and bringing her back in the house.